Tricky’s new EP “Mission Accomplished” is well worth the money for loyal fans of his. In addition to three dynamic new tracks, Tricky has finally released the crown jewel of the CD, “Divine Comedy,” which was previously only available as a bootleg.

“Divine Comedy,” which in its original version was known as “Money Greedy,” is Tricky’s catharsis. The artist had a fallout with Polygram, his former record label, over his mention of black employees with criminal records in one of his earlier songs. Polygram wanted him to get rid of this mention. Understandably, he refused, and the two split.

Tricky employs a traditional musical technique, call and response, to make his position clear in “Divine Comedy.” “Polygram” is answered with a seething “F— you, n——” throughout the song. Whether or not you agree with the lyrics, the musical technique works well, as Tricky combines them with a twisted guitar groove that goes in and out all the way to the fade.

The most distinguishing feature of the three other songs, “Mission Accomplished,” “Crazy Claws,” and “Tricky versus Lynx,” is the performance of Chip, the electronic drummer. The acoustics are intricate, producing a marvelous syncopation effect. This is especially noticeable in “Mission Accomplished,” which also contains another interesting “trick.”

Mocking Polygram, the chorus to this song is “Big Time, On My Way, I’m Making It,” which was originally the chorus to Peter Gabriel’s 1987 single “Big Time.” Polygram labeled Tricky the “next big thing” after his debut 1995 album “Maxinquaye.”

“Mission Accomplished” is a great, accurate reflection on Manhattan life, where Tricky now resides. His lyrics are offensive at times, but his revolt against the music industry mixes well with his music. The artist says his mission was to silence the critics, but now they have more ammunition than ever.