To the Editor:

The YDN article (“Fewer study abroad at Yale than at other Ivies,” 1/17) may represent itself as an analysis of why fewer Yale students study abroad than at other Ivies, but I feel it necessary to comment on its analytical method and presentation of fact.

It is not true the Yale-in-London program is the only program that guarantees credit to Yale students. The definition of guarantee seems to be much too narrow here. The Berlin Consortium program also offers full credit for the term (4) or year (9). It is true students have to petition for the credits, but prior planning with a DUS or program administrator as to which courses will be taken practically guarantees full credit for courses taken in Berlin.

In fact, Yale has a very strong affiliation with many universities abroad that provide students with credit. The article goes on to praise Dartmouth’s 40 programs abroad, yet it becomes clear that the definition of program in this case seems very broad, such as that every course taught in another country is a program. Yale has these as well and has many more programs than given credit for.

I would like to point out Yale Summer Programs will offer three courses abroad this summer: in Kenya, Austria and Mexico. I believe a factual accounting of Yale’s programs will reveal that Yale has a lot to offer its students both here and abroad.

William Whobrey

january 17, 2001

The writer is director of Yale Summer Programs and an assistant professor of German