Yale Sustainable Music Project

September 25, 2009
Prakazrel Michel, better known as Pras, wrote most of his verses and hooks to The Fugees’ first album, “Blunted on Reality,” while a Yale freshman. In between philosophy and psychology courses, Pras was in session with Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean in New Jersey, laying down tracks and trying to keep up with his schoolwork. »

Hail hairy

August 28, 2009
I fell in love this summer. It was the result not of a box of Russell Stover coconut chocolates, nor the arrival of Tori Amos’ new CD, but the projectile spray of an aerosol can of Nair for Men all over my chest. Some call it the third armpit; I call it the third eye »

Fuhrer and Dockendorf: Poetry in pre-motion

April 24, 2009
Bulldog Days came and went, and we spent Bulldog Days ’09 reading, writing, whittlin’ and generally being miffed that DUH was out of the new glow-in-the-dark condoms. (Who’d want to choose abstinence when you can make your Dick Tao look like a light saber?) But now, after skimming through the Facebook groups of the ascendant »

Tight-fisted Go-Gurters

April 17, 2009
Mondays were Strawberry Kiwi Kick; Thursdays, Berry Blue Blast; Fridays, undoubtedly Watermelon Meltdown. While other kids sat at lunch tables exchanging horoscopes and friendship bracelets, Joseph “Go-Gurt” Porter ’11 was cruising with a slightly chilled snack in his left hand and the weight of the world in his right. Porter’s classmates didn’t understand his desire »

The Ray LaMontagne Experience

April 10, 2009
Two songs into Ray LaMontagne’s set at the Shubert a chorus of audience members screamed “Free Bird! Play Free Bird!” Rarely have I been to a concert where at least one chant for that glorious piece of Southern rock was not barked. While LaMontagne often draws confusion from first listeners who assert that he “must »

Live the dream

April 3, 2009
On March 25, The Princeton Review released survey results ranking the “Top 10 Dream Colleges” according to college applicants and their parents. Among high schoolers, Yale was ranked No. 6, behind Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton and — sad but true — New York University. Just as the Yale Facilities freed a Lanman-Wright freshman from bedbugs, »

Frat rap is a thing?

February 27, 2009
In order to evaluate Asher Roth’s “I Love College,” one must first break away from the suburban symphony that backs the rapper’s fairly straightforward lyrics. Now, with regards to inventiveness of verse and correlation between Asher Roth’s “College” and “Yale,” we can begin to assess what kind of value this jam holds for folks like »

You only want them when they’re 17

February 27, 2009
As many a Yale upperclassman will tell you, sometimes it takes a freshman to make you realize things are just fine. They’re eager, they’re emotional, they’re drunk and they’re not that hairy. Freshmen make us look back and remember a time when we actually cared to explore the area outside of that place where we »

Pretentious unpretentiousness

February 27, 2009
I’ve never understood the appeal of lo-fi recording techniques, except from a financial standpoint. Analog recording makes sense if you’re looking for the added warmth of an enhanced lower end. But recording to a shitty Tascam four-track in order to gain “authenticity” makes little sonic sense, given the way it clips vocals and distorts soundscapes. »

K. James breaks our Blart

February 6, 2009
Kevin James and I have at least three things in common. First, we both graduated from Ward Melville High School in East Setauket, N.Y., repping Strong Island more than your average guido with a greasy fade and Timberlands. Second, we both are incapable of growing full beards. His lacks in the cheek department; mine in »

Polysyllabic masturbation

January 30, 2009
“Plasticities” was the anthem of a spring break ski trip in the Green Mountains. Blasting Andrew Bird while detouring through bumsfuckville in an Audi with my two best friends felt straight out of a rural-centered “Juno,” more about cow-tipping than teenage pregnancy. Yes, titling an album “Armchair Apocrypha” incites large-scale vomiting in the mouth, but »

Believe it or not, Fuhrer loves this play

December 5, 2008
The question of “choice” sparks the brilliant undergraduate production of Stephen Karam’s “Speech and Debate,” playing this weekend at Nick Chapel. Under the sprightly direction of Michael Leibenluft ’10, the decisions the three adolescent characters face regarding the exposure of a high school drama teacher’s potential pedophilia drive the audience’s questioning of character judgment and »