Fuhrer: Hotdogs and hockey: hitting the jackpot in Atlantic City

March 24, 2011
My grandparents think that I should have already found my wife. Ideally, she’d be Jewish, of Polish or Romanian descent, Modern Orthodox and willing to find the perfect Venezuelan nanny to care for our kids. We’d take luxurious summer vacations to Israel and those European countries without recent histories of anti-Semitism. And we’d never have »

Robert Lopez ’97: composer, lyricist, beatbox enthusiast

February 25, 2011
Broadway composer, lyricist and playwright Robert Lopez ’97 emerged on the scene with the Tony Award-winning musical “Avenue Q,” an existential comedy featuring puppet sex and Gary Coleman. The play, which asked audiences, “What do you do with a B.A. in English,” attracted a new crop of college-aged theatergoers and caught the eye of two »

Fuhrer: It’s handled by Becky

February 4, 2011
I get sweaty at Toad’s on Wednesday nights. Reluctant to stuff my winter coat on a table or bench, I tend to open up the zipper or tie the whole thing around my waist. I don’t care about style; I’m just trying to dance. But one fateful night, I decided to throw on a presentable »

Isabel Wilkerson: Journalist, Pulitzer-Prize Winner, Would-Be Architect

January 21, 2011
Former Chicago Bureau Chief of The New York Times, Isabel Wilkerson, is currently traveling the country promoting her best-selling book “The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of the Great Migration,” which analyzes the northern migration of African-Americans during the 20th century. A child of southern-born parents, Wilkerson was the first African-American woman to »

Fuhrer: Put down the Loko. Watch The Game.

November 18, 2010
This past week, I rushed the Yale Bowl field in a Thomas the Tank Engine outfit, alongside a troupe of 8-year-olds seeking autographs. The kids shouted, “Thomas, show us the quarterback!” I found a worn-out, but victorious, Patrick Witt ’12 and introduced him to the awe-struck children. “It’s gonna feel incredible when we storm the »

Cypress Hill & a stoned past

April 23, 2010
My Bahian astrologer host-mother tried to lecture me yesterday about the consequences of smoking marijuana, just as our unemployed / semi-professional surfing neighbors settled into their standard pre-dinner blazing session, seeping through our dining room wall. After she ranted for a good ten minutes about “maconha,” I decided to voice my opinion that smoking marijuana »

Zach in Brasil//Lessons Learned: I suck at writing poetry in English, why would Portuguese be any different?

April 7, 2010
I spent Easter/Passover weekend in the mountains of Baturité in the small, vegetarian farmhouse of the agnostic, rat-tailed SILVIO. As my host family and two other travel companions spoke for hours about the commercialization of tofu and the crazy ways of Aquarians, I swung for hours in the mosquito-filled air, working on a new play »

Zach in Brasil//Lessons Learned: Jewtopia?

March 31, 2010
This past Sunday, I woke up to a woman’s voice making a blessing over Shabbat candles. As I stepped out of my bedroom, I noticed my host-mother, Kitah, curled up on the sofa, watching the “Judaism” disc of her religions of the world documentary. Rarely has a Cearense encountered a Jew during his or her »

Zach in Brasil//Lessons Learned: Os Motoristas

March 28, 2010
“The cars will not stop for you.” —My academic adviser I’ll never forget my first time driving in New York City. In a borrowed station wagon packed with a gig’s worth of gear and two drunk friends in the passenger seat, I weaved through late-night traffic, grateful to settle into a parking lot with the »

Zach in Brasil//Lessons Learned: Motels

March 25, 2010
“Motels are strictly for love-making.” — My academic adviser Fortaleza has a split personality: it is both incredibly Christian and incredibly obsessed with sexuality. Saturday night masses gather at beachside raves and forró dances, before Sunday afternoon masses at gargantuan churches beside tiny clay-roofed houses. Some of my friends are never allowed to stay out »


March 22, 2010
Zachary Fuhrer is currently studying abroad in Fortaleza, CE. “Here in Brasil, we stare at our shit … every day.” — My Academic Adviser My first days in Brasil were spent in an isolated compound, perhaps a rehab/Christian retreat, to the Southeast of Fortaleza, Ceara (a state in the Northeast of Brasil). The coconut-treed, flower-filled »

Stutter like your daddy

October 2, 2009
It was a cold day at Universal Republic Records when Jay-Z proclaimed the “Death of Auto-Tune.” T-Pain ran up the spine of the company execs as they readied their latest single, Jay Sean’s “Down,” for mass release. The song showcases auto-tune like never before, as Jay Sean’s synthetic riffing assures the listener that “even though »