WEEKEND | Sexual identity explored in performance

November 17, 2010
“Ladies and gentleman and everyone in between!” So began “F to the eMbody: A Reconstruction of Gender.” The show, which ran in the Morse Crescent Underground Theater as part of Trans/gender Awareness Week, featured hip hop artist Rocco “Katastrophe” Kayiatos and spoken word poet Harvey Katz (a.k.a. Athens Boys Choir) in performances inspired by their »


November 12, 2010
The scene was a picturesque kind of eerie. I stood in front of Marsh Hall, a misleading name for the shabby cottage that stood out amongst the towering neighboring buildings on Science Hill. The dried fall leaves crunched and flew past me as I tried to navigate my way down the slope to find what »

SiC Inc and Yaledancers back to basics

November 5, 2010
SIC InC, normally known for shows featuring extravagant lights and intricate background videos, decided to take things back to basics for its first show of the year, MotionSIC. Without flashy lights or strange background props to enhance the show, SIC InC turned to the Yaledancers to make things interesting. While SIC InC has incorporated dancers »


October 29, 2010
We set out Tuesday night to explore The Space, an unconventional venue for local musicians in the Hamden area. Not only did we observe the open-mic festivities that were open to anyone brave enough to sign up for the night’s show — we also participated. Having little idea of what we would find, we were »