Am I missing something?

The Question of FOMO

February 13, 2015
There’s always a party that you’re missing out on. You know the party that I’m talking about. You’re sitting on the couch, planning to kick back with a plate of mint-flavored Milanos and watch all three hours and 21 minutes of “The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.” Laptop propped by your side, you quickly scan through your Facebook newsfeed only to discover that someone has posted a photo of a party they’re hosting in their suite.

Reclaiming the Concrete Canyon

October 17, 2014
As I turn right on Humphrey Street to face the underpass, however, everything changes. An explosion of color: The underpass is lit up by ecstatic strokes of azure, bright cerulean, magenta and chartreuse. Two large murals cover every inch of the inner walls. This is the Under 91 Project, a quest to transform the grim concrete canyon of the underpass that divides East Rock and Upper State Street from Fair Haven.
What is the best approach?

Rubber Fish and Business Suits: Fossil Free’s Dilemma

April 18, 2014
The tension, and the question: How loud should Fossil Free Yale be?
West coast? Best coast!

That West-Coast Feeling

April 11, 2014
And yet, walking into the airy space on the top floor of the Yale University Art Gallery, I already felt as if I had taken a pleasant stroll from New Haven into a quiet Santa Monica neighborhood. A pale sunlight filtered through the white ceiling panes and onto the canvas of Dienbenkorn’s “Ocean Park No. 24” – a bird’s-eye-view landscape of cayenne, hemlock and placid blue – evocative of the environmental and beat poetry of mid-century San Francisco and the cool and balladic melodies of West Coast Jazz.
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Pita Chips and Good Conversation

March 28, 2014
I walk back to my entryway from the library at 2 a.m., feeling dead and ready to collapse on my bed. I saunter into the opposite suite where my floormates are, hoping to find some food. A handful of pita chips in one hand, I sink into the couch for five minutes of repose. Somebody »
Mmm, a man in power.

Jared Milfred ’16: A Smooth Operator

March 7, 2014
Jared Milfred ’16 once operated nuclear reactors. A native of Portland, Oreg., Milfred spent his junior year in high school training to be an operator at Reed College’s research reactor, the only reactor in the world operated by undergraduates. A year later, he passed his training exam with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and officially became the youngest licensed nuclear reactor operator in the country. WEEKEND spoke to Milfred in the Pierson Common Room about neutron activation analysis, avoiding another Fukushima and big, red buttons.
Focusing on the forgotten.

Judging by More Than its Cover

February 7, 2014
Inserted discreetly between a book’s binding and its text, endpapers are easy to overlook. ‘Under the Covers’ – an exhibit at the Beineicke Library dedicated purely to the visual history of these history of these small slips parchment, textile and silk, felt like a much-needed homage to the neglected underdog of the world of books and book arts.