Occupy Residential Housing

Occupy Housing Draw!

March 23, 2012 • 0
FROM: Coordination Dean of Occupy New Haven TO: All Occupy New Haven Residents SUBJECT: Updated Occupy Housing Procedures All right folks, judging by the increased amount of squirrel in Mindy’s Occupy Stew over at Tent 7, it’s springtime again. That means, time to figure out our new living arrangements for the coming fiscal year. To »

Let the Games begin.

March 23, 2012 • 18
Are you hungry? Because we are. Hungry for victory. Hungry for survival in the fight till the bloody death. Or maybe we’re just hungry for “The Hunger Games.” This WEEKEND, our finest tributes share with us the personas of their fictive Panem counterparts and their strategies for tackling the Hunger Games. This much we know: »
Babe, can you hear me? I think you're breaking up.

“Call Me Maybe”

March 2, 2012 • 2492
The current phenomenon of “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen is one of the most exciting recent indicators of social change I’ve had the opportunity to observe firsthand. The song and its accompanying music video show that through popular culture, the picture of “wholesome” is rapidly expanding. It is with utmost sincerity that I »
Gnarly bra.

Shit Extreme/Outdoorsy Yalies (Would) Say (If They Existed)

February 26, 2012 • 0
“The parkour scene in New Haven would be dope if Ronnell let it happen.” “No, he’s from Canada. I heard he’s unreal at ice fishing.” “Midnight sprint up East Rock?” “I always pregame Yale Outdoors hikes.” “Why don’t they have FOOT where there are actual mountains?” “The Occupiers are the most hardcore campers in this »

How To: Turn 21

February 23, 2012 • 0
In light of my own impending coming of age celebration, I’ve taken some time to reflect on the multitude of ridiculous ways that we Yalies celebrate getting older. Junior year is the year of the 21st birthday. In my hometown, that means finally going to the liquor store by yourself, possibly going to the bar »


February 17, 2012 • 1
My conversation with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon // BY AUSTIN BERNHARDT Well, I have eight words for you, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon: “My my my, my my my, my my.” How about that speech you gave when you won the Grammy for Best New Artist! How about that? Also, actually, three more words: Dude. Dude. »
Many intoxicated young people ride Quinnipiac University's shuttle so they can party at Toad's Place.

How To: Glory March (The Walk of Shame)

February 16, 2012 • 0
As someone in a committed relationship, you’d think I’d be immune. After almost three years of going to parties and waking up face down in a toga or a catwoman costume, I should be reasonably desensitized to the horror that one feels by 11 a.m. when you’ve realized that you must trek back across campus »

Sex Week: From BDSM to public policy

February 10, 2012 • 1
The year of 2011-2012 has been one of much heat for Sex Week. With the release of the Campus Climate Report in September 2011, the biannual tradition was placed on shaky grounds: its right, and its util, as a campus event was seriously questioned, and, for a time, it seemed that we might not have »
"Ishamel gave himself to the writing of it, and as he did so he understood this, too: that accident ruled every corner of the universe except the chambers of the human heart." - David Guterson in Snow Falling on Cedars

How To: Be The Perfect Valentine

February 9, 2012 • 0
How to: Be the Perfect Valentine With the dreaded Feb. 14 rapidly approaching, the vast majority of us are panicking, pretending not to panic or attempting to hide our bitterness about being alone and lonely on our favorite Hallmark holiday. Whether you’re single, taken or fall into the multitude of “it’s complicated” situations that Yalies »
The Ice Cross Downhill-World Championship 2011.

Vertigo: What is Ice Cross Downhill and why is everybody talkin’ about it?

February 8, 2012 • 0
Vertigo is a weekly blog by Kieran Dahl covering the action sports and wilderness adventure world. Kieran is a sophomore in Davenport College. Forty miles per hour on ice skates? Downhill? Sounds like a nightmare. To the energy-drink maker Red Bull, though, it sounded like an idea for a new extreme winter sport: Ice Cross »


February 3, 2012 • 2880
This weekend, TED talks have come to Yale. TED, a non-profit organization that began in California with the motto “Ideas Worth Spreading,” solicits world leaders and thinkers to give roughly 20-minute talks on a topic of their choice. At TEDxYale, Yale students, alumni and faculty will give talks on topics ranging from space archeology to »
Leaders of Greek organizations presented a proposal to administrators Thursday drafting preliminary details of the ban on Greek organizations’ freshman fall rush period.

How To: Navigate A Frat Party

February 2, 2012 • 0
I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir. By this point in the year, every freshman girl in a too-tight dress and freshman boy hoping to differentiate himself from the geeds has trekked through a damp, sticky rager armed with an overflowing solo cup of Natty Light and the sheer willpower and determination that only liquid »