‘The Physicists’ explores the science of madness

March 23, 2012
Historically, scientists have not had the best reputation for being well-adjusted. In books and movies, they are generally depicted as eccentric recluses with pale skin and crazy, bespectacled eyes. They spend most of their time in laboratory dungeons, or so we’re told, conducting experiments with strange substances whose names no one can pronounce. As kids, »
Why I chose Yale: to while away the sunlight hours reading a book about Ottawan politics.

Stuff Yalies Like #6: Over-commitment

March 20, 2012
Thanks to the warm weather recently, Yalies have been out in droves all across campus. We’ve come out of our midterm hibernation in full force, sitting by the Women’s Table, picnicking on the lawn of Old Campus, and using those tire swings that made Yale so endearing upon our first visit. For a few days »

Stuff Yalies Like #5: Chicken Tenders Day

March 6, 2012
They say that you can’t get to Yale without passion. We Yalies are passionate about a plethora of activities, from juggling with the Anti-Gravity Society to debating the merits of Shakespeare as a mandatory component of the high school curriculum. But at a school that is so diverse, it can be difficult to find a »
What lies in Leenane's horizon? Is it madness? Is it murder?

A dark sort of Beauty in “Leenane”

March 2, 2012
Watching plays can be disarming. Unlike television, where there is an obvious physical barrier between you and the actors on the screen, theater is close and immediate, like being trapped at a stranger’s birthday party. When done right, theatrical productions pierce the fourth wall in a nuanced, quiet way. They reel you in slowly until »
A prospective student rubs the statue of Theodore Woolsey, which brings good luck, according to tour-guide legend.

Stuff Yalies Like #4: Tourists

February 29, 2012
For many Yalies, our picturesque campus is a source of great pride. We constantly cite the Gothic architecture, Dorian columns, and libraries of translucent marble as prime factors behind our choice to come here. In 2010 Forbes named Yale one of “The World’s Most Beautiful College Campuses.” Yale’s aesthetic appeal, coupled with its academic reputation, »

‘Three Days of Rain’ lets the love shine through

February 24, 2012
“This is the day, Nan. We’re going to finally find out what belongs to us.” “Three Days of Rain” at the Calhoun Cabaret tells the story of two architects and their children’s quest to piece together their parents’ legacies. Beginning in a sparse Manhattan studio apartment, siblings Walker (Tommy Bazarian ’15) and Nan (Christine Shaw »
Was this tofurky locally raised? And is it USDA organic, or Connecticut organic, or New Haven organic?

Stuff Yalies Like #3: Vegetables

February 21, 2012
Before I came to Yale, I only knew two vegetarians, and one of them doesn’t even count because she’s pescetarian — also a word I hadn’t heard before I came here. I thought that vegetarians were strange, like curling players or people who don’t have Facebook. But once I got to campus and started eating »
The folly, a boathouse designed by Sally' uncle, is the scene of Matt and Sally's love dance.

The “Folly” of love

February 17, 2012
“Whatever time there is in a life is a lifetime.” So declares Matt Friedman (played by Keith Rubin ’12), one of only two characters in “Talley’s Folly,” as he proceeds to explain that the span of a worker bee’s life is a mere 29 days and nights — all spent in continuous labour. But the »
At the trick-or-treating event on Halloween, Dean Miller reportedly walked around President Levin’s house asking visitors if they would accompany her to the royal wedding.

Dean Mary Miller and her cat

February 14, 2012
You know how the line goes: behind every great college…is a great dean. Vivacious, intellectual, and bursting at the seams with knowledge about archaic art, Dean Mary Miller’s dazzling image sits fondly in our hearts this Valentine’s Day. Whether she is philosophizing about art history at the Freshman Assembly or putting Harvard in its place, »
What do you desire?

A Theater for Everyone’s Desires

February 10, 2012
Simple, elegant, and spontaneous all at once, the “Theater of Desire” offers a venue for writers and performers alike to experiment with their craft in an open, nonjudgmental environment. It is the brainchild of theater studies professor Deborah Margolin — everyone calls her “Deb” — who conceived of “a space without a critic,” she said. »

Kissing In, Tuning Out: Free Speech at Yale

February 10, 2012
At around noon this past Monday, a freshman posted a thread on the “Yale College Class of 2015” Facebook group advertising an event. Although the group was initially created to instigate interaction between eager prefrosh, it has since become a bulletin board for the various events held on campus every day. More often than not, »

In medias res

January 27, 2012
Hailed as a bastion of the liberal arts, Yale prides itself as a school where you can learn virtually anything within the realm of your imagination. Students boast an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to the subject matter they pursue: courses are offered in anything from sexuality studies to immunobiology, global health to »