The ex-prisoner’s dilemma

October 12, 2012
Mike Clemente, 26, has been on probation for eight years. This election season, he is registered to vote for the first time, along with 200 other ex-offenders in New Haven, who were unaware they had this right. Clemente filled out his registration form at the New Haven Probation Office, a small room situated on the »

In Tango’s Embrace

September 21, 2012
My elementary school in Canada used to have theme days where the principal would hire an instructor to teach us different skills, like acting or tennis. They were low-budget workshops conducted by people in the local community, and I remember getting very excited about Drama Day and Soccer Day and Rope Obstacle Day. But there »

Avant-Garde, Crystalized

September 14, 2012
In honor of its 15th anniversary this October, Artspace will play host to a variety of events centered on the theme of crystal — the gift traditionally exchanged between spouses on this wedding milestone. But the origin of the celebration’s motif is likely the only conventional element of the upcoming spectacle, as the gallery prepares »
“Independents,” which premiered at Yale last fall, has had a successful showing at the New York Fringe Festival.

‘We Don’t Fade’: Independents at the Fringe

August 31, 2012
When I went to see “Independents” last December, I found it sweet and sad. It was a poignant coming-of-age story in the guise of a nonsensical tale. Even though I could relate to neither historical re-enactment nor drug smuggling, I was pulled along by the sentiments that the characters conveyed — of the fear, uncertainty »

Reflection at Eaton’s Centre

August 24, 2012
The morning after James Holmes killed 12 in Aurora, I was riding on a subway in downtown Toronto. As I hung on to one of the metal poles in the train, there sat in a row of seats beside me a group of students who seemed to be visiting the city for the first time. »

To Myrtle!

April 20, 2012
While most Yale students delve into internships and study abroad programs following the end of exam period next month, many seniors will be spending the final moments of their Bright College Years together on the sunny shores of South Carolina, at North Myrtle Beach. For decades, graduating college seniors have flocked to Myrtle Beach in »

Nitty Scott: Rapper, modernizer, atypical 21-year-old

April 14, 2012
Nitty Scott MC is a 21-year-old hip hop musician who has attracted attention from the music industry for her skillfully orchestrated and lyrical raps. Born in Michigan but raised in Orlando, Fla., she began creating hip hop music when she was 14 years old. In 2010, Scott garnered praise for an online video featuring her »

Breaking the Glass Beaker

April 6, 2012
The Catch-22 of Underrepresentation Since the year 2000, women have come a long way in gaining tenure on Yale’s campus. Recent data compiled by the Women’s Faculty Forum shows an uptick in the number of women who have obtained tenure since the turn of the millennium. Women comprise 29 percent of the faculty members who »

Till Tenure Do Us Part

April 1, 2012
During one of his “Moralities of Everyday Life” lectures last term, psychology professor Paul Bloom cited research conducted on babies as a way of opening a discussion on the nature of human kindness. What few of the over 400 people in the class knew, however, is that for Bloom, the origins of this research were »

A new home for art at Highwood Square

March 30, 2012
“It’s between Burger King and AutoZone.” Those are the instructions that Kristina Zallinger, 66, gives for the location of her home at Highwood Square. Situated at 953 Dixwell Ave., the affordable-housing complex in Hamden appears to be an unlikely place to find inspiration. Around it are empty storefronts and dilapidated office buildings, old casualties perhaps »
Seersucker and pastel-colored shorts: the stuff (Yalie) dreams are made of.

Stuff Yalies Like #7: Pastel-Colored Shorts

March 29, 2012
For the fashion-conscious, spring is a wonderful season. After months of trying to look good in bulky parkas and water-proof gloves, they can now shed their ugly cocoons and take the campus by storm with sun dresses, leather sandals, and designer shades. For the gentleman of Yale, the sunny weather seems to signal the revival »

Believe in People tags alley next to Hull’s

March 25, 2012
Believe in People has struck again. The elusive graffiti artist’s latest work, finished early last week, is a large mural on the side of Hull’s Art Supply & Framing at 1144 Chapel Street. The painting depicts a man pole-vaulting over mountains against the backdrop of a golden sun. The words “Do Something Amazing” are written »