Dispatches from shopping period: Shakespeare

September 2, 2010
ENGL 201 Shakespeare: Histories and Tragedies TTh 2.30-3.20 LC 101 Professor David Scott Kastan: “You all are shopping, but I haven’t completely figured out what I am — am I what you’re buying or am I the sales clerk?” “This is a lecture. There will be sections, there will be badly dressed grad students…” Then »

scene recommends: 4.2.10

April 2, 2010
Engels why? Marx? Try his better half (on the left). New windowpanes at the Law School why? why? Gorgeous for the gorgeous law students. (Lookin’ at you Jeremy Kessler and fit blonde, 25? WHO WERE YOU?) Easter // passover warum? These holidays show us that spring is truly here, BURST FROM YOUR EGGS, CHILDREN OF »

Welcome to the scene blog.

November 8, 2009
Welcome to the scene blog — the coolest thing on Yale’s campus since Eero Saarinen.

Hello world!

August 3, 2007
Dear scene&heard readers, In an effort to drag the nation’s oldest college daily into the post-modern era (kicking and screaming, of course), the YDN scene section, aka “Arts & Living,” has instituted the blog you see before you. At its inception, scene&heard will be largely music-centric, but in the coming months we hope to expand »

Hot pink gelatinous vibrator love

March 2, 2007
It’s March: The three lovely ladies of the scene desk have been ensconced in the YDN building for six months now, and we’re all still single. We’re sure this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we all sacrificed our hedonistic Thursday nights to the production of this fine publication. We’ve reluctantly traded »
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