Jet Li: what’s up Wu Shu?

October 6, 2006
The great thing about “Jet Li’s Fearless” is that Jet Li’s fearless: fearless about feeling pain, fearless about inflicting pain, and fearless about reciting painful dialogue that sounds only a little better because it’s in Chinese. But we didn’t come to the theatre to see Jet Li act. We came to see Jet Li fight, »

Forza Italia! Forza Cocoa Fountains!

September 29, 2006
Victory is sweet, but chocolate may be sweeter. Combine the two and you get something magical: a chocolate-covered victory party, a victory-charged chocolate party, or, as Pierson College Dean Amerigo Fabbri would have it, a chocolatey tribute to the greatest soccer team ever and winner of the 2006 World Cup, Italy. A crowd of sugar-starved »