Thank you, everyone, for your support through 4 years at Yale. Now excuse me while I go eat a falafel sandwich.

Yalies Are . . .

May 22, 2015
For the past four years of my time at Yale, I’ve searched endlessly for a way to categorize the typical Yale student, to define what makes us tick, what we look like, how we act, who we are. Op-eds in the past have attempted, but all have failed. But now that I am on the edge of graduation, I am in a position to tell you the secret.
Nice haircut, bro.

A Desire to Be Heard

April 3, 2015
If you ever want your mind bent, try going through your Facebook history. If you don’t have a Facebook account, good job on getting into heaven.
It's not Salmon, it's Nantucket Red, okay?

A Harvard Glossary to Guide Your WKND

November 21, 2014
When you’re at Harvard this weekend, you might notice the students there using unfamiliar language. Well, I’m here to help! I reached out to my good friend Chas Paddington, who is a senior at Harvard, and he provided us with a glossary.
I don't know about you...

Feeling 22

September 26, 2014
Today is my birthday. Happy birthday, me! Today I turn 22, which is old enough to feel ancient when walking by Yale’s newest batch of 17-year-old freshmen, but young enough for older folks to think it’s ridiculous that I feel old at 22. It’s also the perfect age to make Taylor Swift references, but that song came out two years ago. Twenty-two is too high for Blackjack (that’s twenty-one), too low for a conspiracy theory that inspired a poorly-received Jim Carrey thriller (that’s twenty-three). 22 is aesthetically appealing: two twos sitting nicely and neatly next to each other. But that’s about it.
So much judgment.

Judgment City

March 28, 2014
I watched a movie during Spring Break. This is a significant fact, because I never watch movies. Tell me the title of a movie, and I guarantee you I haven’t seen it. The Godfather? Nope. Star Wars? Bits and pieces. Shawshank? Uh-uh. Frozen? What’s that? I have seen fewer movies than all of the people »
A frustrating fantasy.

Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome

January 24, 2014
“You ever have a really dark thought?” asks comedian Maria Bamford on her live album Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome. “Like, ‘What if I licked a urinal? Augh! Why did I even think of that? What if I’m a urinal licker? What if I’m out of control?’” Bamford exaggerates the example for comedic effect, but the answer to that first question for me is always “yes.”
What you don't want to see.

Re: My Term Paper Grade

November 21, 2013
The other day, I learned that I had gotten an F on a final paper for my political science seminar, “Yale After 1845.” My thesis was, “Harvard is better than Yale.” I emailed my TA and asked her to explain the failing grade. This was her response:
Pick yourself up.

How to March

October 18, 2013
On Monday, I found out that I had failed one of my midterms. Not like, “Oh, damn, probably got a B-” failure. Like straight-up, forty-six out of one hundred points failure. I slunk off to lunch; the Berkeley Mac and Cheese I love tasted less exciting than usual. Three hours later, I found out that the dean of Calhoun College, my dean, Leslie Woodard, passed away unexpectedly. Four hours later, I stood in the Calhoun courtyard, shoulders hunched, holding a white candle that had been poked through a paper cup.
Miley can't be tamed.

The Miley Interview She Doesn’t Want You To Read

August 30, 2013
I had the, um, privilege to talk with Miley Cyrus backstage after her provocative MTV Video Music Awards performance. She didn’t really answer any of my questions and left a big welt on my forehead (more on that later).
So where did Suzy Lee Weiss get in?

Understanding Suzy Lee Weiss’ Anger

April 12, 2013
Two weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed by Suzy Lee Weiss, a high school senior who had received the short end of the college admissions stick.
Harlem Shake your way to the top of the charts.

Shaking Up the Hot 100, For Better and For Worse

March 1, 2013
Last week, and with the help of an especially viral meme, Baauer’s woozy trap song “Harlem Shake” rocketed to the top spot of Billboard’s Hot 100.
Sasha Fierce rocked the White House, almost.

Read My Lip-Sync: On Beyoncé, Ashlee Simpson and the Authenticity Ideal

February 1, 2013
Last week, Beyoncé Knowles’ did-she-or-didn’t-she-lip-sync-the-National-Anthem debacle overtook the Internet. Every couple of hours, another conflicting story would be published, and it was up to you to decide which version of the truth you preferred.