I want a love like Portia and Ellen.

Blindest Date Part 2!

February 21, 2014 • 0
Following last week’s Blindest Date contest, WKND presents to you our next slate of bachelors and bachelorettes. This week, with input from our readers, we’re matching those seeking the same sex to their soul mates. We’ve got language lovers, Girl Scout Cookie aficionados and extreme hockey fans — all the makings of a happily ever after. Head online to vote for your favorites after reading, and commence the love!
He'll pluck your strings.


February 14, 2014 • 0
This year, WEEKEND received a record number of applications (or at least we think so — we're not good with numbers) for our Valentine's Day Blindest Date contest. There were many qualified candidates for very few — 20! — available spots. Without further ado, we present a set of guys and gals for your judging. They are charming, witty, potato-loving! At the end of our online voting session, the top Bachelor and Bachelorette will be paired together in a rendezvouz for the ages. Get yo' love guru on.
Is this what hookup culture looks like??

WEEKEND Looks for Love

February 7, 2014 • 0
Starting today, you have exactly one week to find your soul mate, to ensure that you won’t spend Valentine’s Day on an intimate, candlelit dinner with your Netflix (WKND personally thinks that sounds pretty nice but we digress). Here, a slew of insightful reporters have uncovered the most foolproof paths toward securing your lover, just »
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Today’s Menu

January 31, 2014 • 0
In the grand scheme of analysis there are two schools: the empiricists and the intuitionists (who knows if that’s actually true, but it sounds good, like a David Brooks column). Here at WEEKEND, we tend to favor intuition—freedom, art, love—but every once and a while you have to embrace your Apollonian side. So, for the love »
The empty lecture hall.

Our Course Schedule

January 24, 2014 • 0
Schedules have been signed, and CR/D/Fail courses secured. But WEEKEND still longs for a different reality — a world in which not one, or two, but ALL SIX Yale College distributional requirements are fulfilled with the most bacterial guts we hibernating sloths could imagine.
Frozen fingers first!

Toward Spring

January 17, 2014 • 0
Over break, we were worried that the polar vortex would all but subsume our lovely campus. The Yale Instagram account showed beautiful, but frightening images of gothic architecture surrounded by pale, imposing white. The lounge, resting as a celestial point on the top floor of 202 York St., was left to battle the elements.
Choo Choo.

A Wintery WEEKEND Flowchart

December 6, 2013 • 0

A Passive Aggressive Thanksgiving

November 15, 2013 • 0
With Thanksgiving comes many a wonderful thing. That feeling of euphoria, that general recognition of the #highbless state of your life, your mom’s (or the Yale Club’s—hay, New Yorkers) roast turkey. But with it comes the inevitable assault of your Facebook newsfeed, as each of your 2,172 friends attempts to outdo one another on their levels of #bless. “Soooo thankful this year, y’all!!” one might say. “oMG, how did I get the coolest family eva?! #blessed,” proclaims another.
Happy HalloWKND.

itz h@llow33n!!!! #boo

November 1, 2013 • 0
R u totally mad because u wer 2 busy/lame 2 leave ur suite 4 Halloween this year?
Kate McMillan_Staff Illustrator_Dance_1018

You’re Invited!

October 18, 2013 • 0
Last Saturday’s Inaugural Ball proved that Yale knows how to get down (and keep it supremely classy while doing so). We at WEEKEND, from what we can remember, had a glorious time, and now are desperate to know: in light of the ball’s inevitable passing, what event will step up to claim the title of Yale’s Next Best Dance?

The Ticker, Inauguration Edition

October 11, 2013 • 1
Friday, October 11 Afternoon Tea. Yale British Art Center // 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dat inaugural oolong. Symposia. Various classrooms // 1-3:30 p.m. Some of Yale’s best professors will be putting on lectures for alumni. Time to learn who were the section assholes of the 1950s. All that Is Yale. Woolsey Hall or the University’s YouTube channel // 8 p.m. A »
We're always in the groove.

Mixed tapes

October 11, 2013 • 2
Do you wish that your life was a musical? Do you develop separation anxiety from your iPhone earbuds during section? WEEKEND has you covered. We developed a collection of playlists meticulously tailored to every aspect of your Yale experience. Now, whether you're chatting in the dining hall or recovering from Toad's, be assured that you will never have to live without music.
Stephanie Addenbrooke
Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 3.03.26 AM
Thao Do
Screen shot 2014-10-03 at 5.30.35 AM
Screen shot 2014-10-03 at 4.02.42 AM