The man, myth, the legend?

Jame Is With You All Ways

April 24, 2015
Well, these are it. Yes, it has come to that time we all knew it would be at last. Even in our jibbliest of days everyone could have told you, yes, it does happen that it will end, but the future was so many from then, and how could you count? It has been so good to be your little Jame all of these years, but even the things of the world we love must come to en
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Yale’s 50 Goats

April 17, 2015
Hey Yale, We know our website’s been down (sorry not sorry, YD“N”) but we’re finally unveiling the most important news event of the year — other than the announcement that WEEKEND’s idol/reason for being, Linda Koch Lorimer, is retiring. These sexy specimens descended all across campus this week and were caught in the act by »

We’d Tap That

April 10, 2015
Yesterday was senior society tap night at Yale. Hundreds of students wandered and stumbled around campus half drunk, feeling as if they were on top of the world. Hundreds of others didn’t give a shit. And hundreds of others who weren’t tapped tried not to care but still cared. A lot.
Aharr, me hearties!

What Elite Secret Society Should You Be In?

April 3, 2015
Tap night approaches, and with it, the BIGGEST SINGLE DECISION that this year’s juniors will make during their time at Yale
Till death do we part!

And some more winners are…

February 27, 2015
Date #1 I had been to Soul de Cuba on a date once before, but not with a stranger. After my date introduced herself as Rose, we eased into the usual small talk of colleges, classes, and life goals. Rose stopped me when I mentioned my philosophy lecture — she was also in the class! »
Did anyone find it?

And the winners are…

February 20, 2015
Date #1: Patrice Bowman ’15 and Jordan Konell ’15   His Take:   I sat in the Pierson Common Room, at once browsing Barracuda’s online menu and debating whether to further unbutton my shirt to let my chest hair roam free. I was nervous not just because I was going on a blind date — »
I've found the greatest love of all. Pika pika! Tokepeiiiiiii!

The Blindest Date: Queer Edition!

February 13, 2015
Now you, dear reader, get to vote for your favorite contestant to determine who gets paired up for a V-Day blind date. Simply visit the WKND section of the YDN’s website, click on this article, scroll down and vote in the polls for your favorite bachelors and bachelorettes by midnight next Wednesday.
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WKND Reads Your Sexy Horoscope

February 13, 2015
Having put our faith in small talk, alcohol and Tinder, and having been consequently disappointed by each, WKND has since put our faith in the stars. And what do you know — they’ve disappointed us too! But that experience has left us with a working knowledge of sexy astrology, a gift that we shall now bequeath upon you, dear reader. Behold: Your Sexy Horoscope!
Is this fun?

Dance Like I Do: On Seniors and What is Fun

February 6, 2015
This leads me to ask us: what is this fun? And where is it to be found? And why? Is it at the dance parby with the musics turned all the way up? Is it moving and shaking your parts at the dance clud, all packed in tight like jibbies? NO. It is in us, it is inside of we. Let me explain to it.
Did anyone find it?

The Blindest Date

February 6, 2015
Feeling lonely? Lovelorn? Dreading Valentine’s Day? Never fear — WKND has devised the perfect solution to Yalies’ amorous woes. We’ve selected a lucky ten bachelors and bachelorettes from a large and qualified pool of applicants for this week’s straight edition. (Queer edition to come!) Now you, dear reader, get to vote for your favorite contestant »

The Blindest Date 2015

February 3, 2015
Dear Yale, Do you have carpal tunnel from swiping left so many times? Do you find yourself flirting with the waitresses at Mamoun’s because, hey, what have you got to lose? Are you taking Sexy Psych as a self-help class?   Are you lonely, Yale?   If so, fear not. Well, fear a little bit. But definitely »
Now how to waste it...

Choose your own snow day adventure

January 30, 2015
Is this just a flowchart? No, because a flowchart is a flowchart, and this is an adventure. QED. You wake up with your head pounding and roll over to look at the clock. 10:35 AM. Damn, maybe that last round of Fireball shots was a bad idea, especially because you have class in… WAIT! It’s a snow day!
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A Grisham novel just waiting to happen
WKND wants a love like this  — one that can send us over the moon and leave us starstruck.
Oedipus: the true archetype of the blind date.
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