Let's take a #Selfie! Sam Tsui has all the accoutrements of the fashionable Yalie in LA: well-coiffed hair, toy dog with pink bib, and venti-sized chai tea. Ac-amazing!

Aca-scuse me? Aca-Tsui!

March 6, 2015 • 0
Sam Tsui ’11 is living the dream: after graduating from Yale, the YouTube sensation moved to Los Angeles, and started a career in music that has already led him across Asia on tour and spawned two full-length albums. He picks up the phone while stuck in L.A. traffic and tells WKND all about what it’s like to be a star.
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Cultural Currency

February 20, 2015 • 1
The shabby facade of 295 Crown St., the home of the AACC, did not match the vibrant image painted in admission brochures targeted at minority students — a jarring experience that many students of color face when they arrive on campus. “Is this even Yale?” Nguyen’s mother asked her.“You shouldn’t come here. It’s not safe.”

Kevin Olusola ’11: Beats Outside of the Box

March 7, 2014 • 0
Kevin Olusola ’11 and his a cappella group, Pentatonix, are in the middle of a sold-out American tour, and when that wraps up, they are headed to Europe — for another sold-out tour. His group’s videos garner over 6 million views in less than a week, and their channel is the 16th most subscribed music channel on YouTube. His “celloboxing” videos, in which he combines classical cello playing with popular music and beatboxing, consistently go viral. But before any of this happened, Olusola was one of us — a Yalie. After coming to campus to give a TEDxYale talk before a packed Sudler Hall on Tuesday, Olusola sat down with WEEKEND to discuss his journey from pre-med student to star musician, his mission to make classical music relevant again, and what it’s like to be on Sesame Street.
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The Sharper Image

January 31, 2014 • 0
Although Croom — speaking from Silicon Valley — acknowledged some deficiencies back in New Haven, he said he believes that the administration has shown interest in trying to support innovation. It has simply lacked a clear idea of how to do so. “Yale has shown that it wants to get involved, but I think they underestimated how quickly tech culture can move forward,” he said. And if Yale does want to catch up, it must take a closer look at both its policies and its approach.