The Bard's works first came to India through the British East India Company.

Bollywood embraces the Bard

January 13, 2012 • 0
The works of Shakespeare and Western literary culture are inextricably linked. This is understood as fact by any Yale student: How often do we all endure lectures on the Western canon? But it is less obvious that Shakespeare could resonate just as deeply in the East. “Shakespeare Wallah,” a 1965 film directed by James Ivory »

Minimalist ‘Island’ rich in talent

November 12, 2010 • 0
6:15 p.m., Thursday evening. It is exactly one hour and 45 minutes before opening night of the Tony-nominated play “Once on This Island” — Yale style. Director Elle Ramel ’11 walks into the Off-Broadway Theater and is immediately accosted. “Elle, I can’t sing,” mimes a cast member silently. Elle stares at her impassively. “Okay, no, »

Welcome to Family WEEKEND

October 22, 2010 • 0
Play dress up with our WEEKEND paper dolls.