It happened one night…

January 24, 2003
There comes a time in every man’s life when he must cease to combat and revile the hand that feeds him and accept that when one is hungry, one must eat. I had long expected my period of teenage rebellion to extend into my late 40s, swearing never to lie flaccidly within walls built by »

Losing my relig — uhh, safeness

December 6, 2002
On the weekend of Harvard-Yale, a peculiar thing happened to me. It wasn’t the normal stimulus one would associate with such freewheeling fun, but rather a fierce electric sensation that seized me as I sat at my friend’s computer. Now, I normally derive great pleasure from the computer mouse, not just as symbol of the »

The Manuscripts of Christian K. Sutre

November 22, 2002
Preface: The following are a series of photocopies of letters discovered folded between two pages of the Jenny Saville book in the Art and Architecture library. As a card-carrying artist and lover of aesthetic forms, I only felt it my duty to publish this, the letters of Christian Sutre, Yale Art Student, to a Ms. »