Who are these students we call guides?

Art Kids on the Block

February 1, 2013
As the blue construction tarps were lifted off of the Yale University Art Gallery this December, across the street the Yale Center for British Art revealed a new face, too. A photo of its 25 student guides laughing with their arms in the air invites pedestrians into the steely Louis I. Kahn building (the serious one is on their website). This scene of the neighboring galleries reflects their respective images in the Yale community. The YCBA program actively maintains a strong presence among undergraduates, while the YUAG program has been known more by word-of-mouth. As the YUAG leaps into its new future as an expanded museum and has received more attention, this casts a light on its often conspicuous student guide program, and its more visible cousin on the same block.
Five students act out a play from their theater studies class.

‘Moonshine & Lion’: bright & wild

January 18, 2013
Dairy Queen was no longer human.