WEEKEND | Restaurant Week: John Davenport’s

November 10, 2010
Lunch at John Davenport’s is a classy affair. The dining room, mostly empty, is sprinkled with the occasional luncheoning businessman or guest. It’s also gorgeous. With stunning views from Harkness Tower and Old Campus to East Rock, a trip to JD is probably worth it just to gaze at our campus from above. The [Restaurant »

Looking back, leaping forward

November 5, 2010
On a Saturday night, York Street pulsates with a steady beat. It is a sound Yale students know all too well — a sweaty mosh of partiers, bumping and swaying and belting the last refrain of “Living on a Prayer” at New Haven’s party mecca: Toad’s Place. Partiers from all around Connecticut make their pilgrimage »

Naptime for dummies

October 15, 2010
Let’s call it “Yoga for Dummies.” That’s what “Introduction to Yoga” at Payne Whitney Gymnasium feels like. Uncomfortable with the requisite spirituality associated with some branches of yoga and terrified of what Bikram might do to me, I chose PWG. But despite seeming more reasonable, my first hour in the class seems a mishmash of »

Questions, Hats and Death: an Existential Coming of Age

September 24, 2010
Children who ask too many difficult questions of adults are often lied to. And after sitting through a 35-minute performance of Caryl Churchill’s “Far Away” at the Yale Cabaret, the audience will surely leave feeling unsettled, like the adult who cannot answer these difficult questions. Even we cannot answer the questions “Far Away” asks of »

Band on the Run: Local Natives

April 1, 2010
I’m always behind England. The Guardian named Local Natives as their New Band of the Day last March. To be fair, their record “Gorilla Manor” only hit the United States this February, and to be even more fair, my torrent-hunting friend Jimmy didn’t point them out to me until this week. They’re confusing to me. »

Band on The Run: Chiddy Bang

March 25, 2010
In honor of MGMT coming to Spring Fling, I’m going to taste as much mixed-up electronica as possible, because there’s a very good chance the actual show will be a let down. However, my friend reminded me today of the rap group that has been called “the hipster’s wet dream”: Chiddy Bang samples MGMT and »

Band on the Run: Tea Leaf Green

February 25, 2010
I have a soft spot for good folksy sounding music. I’ve never been sure how to classify this music – some of it is technically “country,”or “southern rock” or just “acoustic” – but it’s really the only thing I want to listen to when I’m back home in Georgia, driving with the windows down. I »

Band on the Run: Shout Out Louds

February 17, 2010
Why is Sweden so hip and … clean? They have Ikea, Abba, Pippi Longstocking and Shout Out Louds. Though they’re now nine years old, Shout Out Louds are still coming out with singles I love as much as their original work. As I scrolled through my iTunes I noticed a chunk of their songs in »

White people, the South and football

February 12, 2010
I was almost in “The Blind Side.” Kind of. It was shot last June at my Georgia prep school and they paid extras to sit in the football stands all night. When I sent in my headshot, I never heard back. I heard later that they wanted mostly Caucasian extras to create an “accurate Southern »

Band on the Run: Neon Indian

February 10, 2010
The word of the week is retro. Listening to my latest obsession, Neon Indian, makes me want to travel to a time when things were rad, or groovy, or psychedelic. I know I’m mixing up decades here, but it’s unclear what exactly Neon Indian is channeling, other than past days of youth, yore and sick, »

Band on the Run: Los Campesinos!

February 3, 2010
I have a friend, we’ll call him Jimmy, who’s a Torrent hunter. He spends hours a day hunched over his MacBook, flannel sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and when he emerges, he does so with a thousand odd songs. Regardless of his ethics … he gets good music. Jimmy got me into Los Campesinos!, »

An absurd new tech accessory for Yalies

January 25, 2010
If you’re a Mac user and an English major like me, you know how hard it can be to balance the world of technology and books by old dead white guys. But now, for only $79.99, you can balance this potentially explosive paradox, by investing in a hardback leather cover, BookBook for your MacBook to »