Alice Oswald's poems are a less physically substantive homage to the blind bard.

Homer Is Alive and Well and Living in Alice Oswald

November 2, 2012
British writer Alice Oswald’s appearance at the Whitney Humanities Center on Wednesday was billed in the WHC’s publicity materials as a “reading,” but it was clear from the very beginning of her performance that Oswald had no intentions to read. Professor Emily Greenwood introduced her as “a classicist, a poet and a gardener, in no »
I know you all want to marry Carrie Brownstein, but she's too cool for you.

I fell in love with the women at the rock show

April 6, 2012
It would be really easy to start this review with some grand claims about rock music’s present and future. I could label some trends, chart a trajectory, invoke a metaphorical finger and find a pulse to put it on. If I were confident enough in my prognosis, I might even mention the zeitgeist. Most of »