Black and white, hope and despair.

Hope (and Despair) We Can Believe In

January 17, 2014
Featuring black-and-white photographs from Yale Professor Matthew Frye Jacobson, “Crossroads” develops a complex but focused portrait of America circa 2009 to 2013 and attempts to capture the promises and failures of the the nation as a whole.
A veritable feast.

A meal built Briq by Briq

November 8, 2013
It is an understatement to say my dinner at Briq was a culinary marathon. We began with a slow start. I arrived a little after my reservation time, only to discover that our table was not yet ready. About 40 minutes later, we finally relocated from our refuge at the bar to a small table near the front of the restaurant. With flickering candles and brick walls, the space, long and narrow, reminded me of a more pleasant (and lively) interpretation of the “Cask of Amontillado,” except this cavern had food, drink and company.