Missin' those days

Finding a start after Yale

September 20, 2013
I’m a graduate. School’s out... forever.
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March 29, 2013
A SWUG — a Senior Washed Up Girl — should be the modern young feminist ideal. But for SWUGs like myself, that’s not quite how it pans out.

The Dark Night

August 24, 2012
At midnight on Friday, July 20, I settled into my seat in a packed movie theater in Manhattan, ready to lose all sense of reality while watching the much-anticipated third installment of the Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. At 4:00 a.m., I fell asleep, nerves still on edge and ears still ringing from the »

Red: More than just a color

November 11, 2011
Never heard of Red? Neither had I. Not sure what Red is? Besides the name of a color, I wasn’t sure either. But I made the trek — past the Occupiers on the Green, past that Starbucks that no one goes to, past the Get IT Together Uniform Outlet, and past Bentara on Orange Street »

BACKSTAGE: David Baldacci and Jodi Picoult

October 21, 2011
New York Times best-sellers David Baldacci and Jodi Picoult have sold millions of books worldwide. On Wednesday, they came to Yale to speak alongside John Grisham at a Calhoun Master’s Tea and later at Woolsey Hall. WEEKEND caught up with them at The Study, where they spoke about how they became writers, whether their books »

We’re just bulldogs on Bulldog Days

April 23, 2010
In the official 2010 Bulldog Days calendar, there are 36 pages of pre-approved activities, classes, panels, tours and fairs, 84 neatly printed events offered on Monday and six welcoming bulldogs sporting hats, costumes and sunglasses. But despite the book’s cheery encouragement to attend “events marked with a Y” and its assurance that all Yalies wanted »

A Critical Mass of PoMo Theater

April 16, 2010
The theater critic sits in a folding chair marked “RESERVED” just to the right of center stage. In his lap: a notebook and a pen. “A review almost exists before it’s written — that’s the painful thing,” he says. I wonder what irony has placed me, a novice theater reviewer, in the front row directly »

Cameron dances with wolves to the $$$

January 15, 2010
Over $1 billion in ticket sales later, “Avatar” is the fantasy movie phenomenon that won’t crash or burn. In fact, it’s still exploding. You’ve heard it all before: American soldiers in a foreign territory, hired to protect a corporation from the encroachment of indigenous peoples who make difficult the exploitation of their natural resources. It’s »

Notable Quotables: 12.15.09

December 15, 2009
As final exams wear on, scenesters submit favorite quotes from their current studying endeavors. “Praise Love. In present circumstances, he does the best for us that can be done.” — Plato. The Symposium. Middlesex, England: Penguin Books, 1999. Print. Translated by Christopher Gill. “It seems plausible then that the will to happiness along these lines »

An Old Campus guide to befriending squirrels

November 10, 2009
If you’ve ever felt intimidated by the other residents of Old Campus — namely, the squirrels dashing across the sidewalks — there’s no need to fret. eHow.com has a guide on “How to Talk to Squirrels” that describes the most effective tactics for communicating and communing with furry woodland creatures. From eHow: Begin talking to »

Jay Frisby ’10, dance theater genius

October 16, 2009
“He’s just perfect. Literally, everything about him is perfect,” says Gabrielle Karol ’11 with a smile as she flexes her bare foot, glancing at the lit-up stage of the Off Broadway Theater. She’s talking about Jay Frisby ’10 of course, supersenior of Morse College, former Whiffenpoof, Yaledancer and currently director and choreographer of the upcoming »