Get smart about getting smashed

April 16, 2004 • 0
Ok, so we all know that mixing pop rocks and Coke won’t make your stomach explode. If you eat a watermelon seed, your tummy won’t sprout a tree. Yet some urban legends are more persistent — questions that no one seems to know how to ask, much less answer, and that have circulated unresolved around »

YDC shines spotlight on tech in theater studies

October 11, 2003 • 0
Sometimes, people do want more drama in their lives. People, in particular, being the few, the proud — the board members of the Yale Drama Coalition. The YDC has been working to improve the theater studies major since 1999. The YDC recently held a “State of the Major” meeting with members of the University faculty »

London’s ‘Dirty’ underworld exposed

September 5, 2003 • 0
“Dirty Pretty Things” manages to make the unlikely subject of the black market kidney trade both funny and touching, without dulling the shock factor — no small feat. The film, directed by Stephen Frears, is set in London and follows Okwe (Chiwetel Ejiofor), an illegal Nigerian immigrant who works as a cabby during the day »

Stun guns, knives for nervous Elis

April 11, 2003 • 5
When I left for New Haven in the fall, a friend jokingly told me to “bring a gun.” Back then, I didn’t know some students actually did. Usually soft-spoken and gentle, a certain freshman girl explained in no uncertain terms that to live in New Haven, you need a gun. While the stun guns and »

Are you model quality?

March 7, 2003 • 0
Not all of us get to hide in our pajama pants and Yale sweatshirts, satisfied with that fact that we can build atomic models. There are some among us who are, well, models ourselves. Apart from making us stop to question that second helping of Fried Mozzarella Triangles, what can these models do for us? »

YIAS’ ‘Boundaries’: turbulent diversity

December 6, 2002 • 0
The first thing that caught my attention upon entering “Boundaries: Stolen Water” was the sound of cracking and popping under my feet — I was walking on the artwork! Or part of it anyway. This heralded a show of unconventional art and challenging concepts, the first effort of the Yale International Art Society. The show’s »

Cast adds pep to puppy in ‘Sylvia’

November 8, 2002 • 0
“Sylvia” is a play about no ordinary dog. In her senior project Sally Bernstein ’03, outfitted with a dog collar and high pigtails, plays the title role — a dog that can communicate with her owners, and actors who make it seem perfectly natural. The piece centers around the relationship of a married couple in »

Documentary ‘K-Girls’ captures Korean culture

October 25, 2002 • 0
And to think it all began as a mistake. After planning her summer around documenting the lives of young women in India, Lisa Gross ’04 had to cancel her trip at the last minute, due to political troubles in the region. Since she was already in Korea visiting her parents when she heard the news, »

On the Record: Filmmaker Lisa Gross ’04

October 25, 2002 • 0
Before screening her documentary “K-Girls,” student filmmaker Lisa Gross ’04 chatted briefly with scene film critic Paula Brady to talk about her project and what she discovered through the filmmaking process. scene: What do you hope to convey, through “K-Girls,” your documentary study of young Korean women? Lisa Gross ’04: I wanted to explore what »

Cheerful Reese Witherspoon sweetens ‘Alabama’

October 4, 2002 • 1
If you’ve seen the trailers, you should have a pretty accurate idea of what “Sweet Home Alabama” will deliver: Reese Witherspoon as the clever and stylish heroine, reminiscent of the movie “Legally Blonde,” basking in her newly bankable presence. While Andy Tennant’s “Sweet Home Alabama” treads familiar territory in the genre of romantic comedy, it »