Bye bye, CT.

Biting the Bullet — And Leaving Connecticut

April 19, 2013 • 1773
As PTR urges both gun manufacturer and retailers to leave the state, showing politicians what the company describes as the “true consequences of their hasty and uninformed actions,” the future looks bleak for Connecticut residents dependent on the gun industry’s role in the state economy. Lawmakers, then, are fighting not just the gun-rights backlash born of the recent legislation but also accusations that they have created a hostile working environment for the Nutmeg State’s gun industry, one gun-related businesses may just do well to abandon. “They don’t know what they can sell legally to whom, or when, or how,” said Josh Fiorini, the CEO of PTR. “Their world just got turned upside down.”
Meet the DS queen.

The Classicist

March 8, 2013 • 2459
Boasting a Yale teaching career that spans back to 1990 when she first joined the faculty of the English department, Jane Levin GRD ’75 can always be found with a book in hand. The wife of Yale’s 22nd president and director of undergraduate studies for Directed Studies, the selective freshman humanities program, has been known among students for her immutable charm and quick wit.
Yale music professor Grant Herreid whimsically played the court jester, Feste.

Let’s Get Physical, Shakespeare-Style

December 7, 2012 • 5931
“Twelfth Night” centers around the character of Viola (Harriet Weaver ’13), a castaway disguised as a servant named Cesario, who falls in love with Duke Orsino (Nathaniel Dolquist ’14). Still, the supporting characters were the ones to steal the show.