November 1, 2013
Since unions first emerged as a politically powerful force in the city two years ago, their influence over city policy has been brought up in nearly every municipal race. Given that labor-backed candidates hold over two-thirds of the seats on the Board of Aldermen, several spots more than the 16-seat requirement for passing legislation, one might wonder what the union plans to do with such power. “What are they doing?” Stratton asked. “What are they doing to make the city a better place?”
Paul Chandler listens in on his campaign staff's late-night meeting.

A Republican’s Battle for Ward 1

October 4, 2013
Chandler’s candidacy started as an initiative of the Yale College Republicans, which has long had a small presence on the campus of left-leaning Yale. According to YCR President Austin Schaefer ’15, members of the organization initially weren’t sure what their aim was in fielding a candidate in Yale’s Ward 1, which has only elected Democrats for years.

The Race for Ward 1

November 4, 2011
It was Aug. 10, the filing deadline for city elections, and Sarah Eidelson ’12 needed to make a decision. She had been managing Sarah Saiano’s campaign for Ward 18 alderwoman for the summer, working 16-hour days while trying to determine if she wanted to make the same aldermanic commitment to the city. Still indecisive, Eidelson »

At Pancho Café, close your eyes and open your mouth

September 2, 2011
Cajun. Mexican. Cajun and Mexican. Pancho Café. What sounds like a disastrous combination on paper turned out fantastically when I visited one of New Haven’s freshest restaurants. Pancho Café doesn’t exactly dress to impress, looking more like a poorly planned toolshed than a restaurant, but the food will leave lovers of either of its two »


October 15, 2010
It’s official: we’ve made contact. The Voyager spacecrafts, launched to infinity and beyond in 1977, each carried a golden record etched with earthly sounds (from animal noises and human greetings to “thunder” and “surf”) that would give any extraterrestial listeners a sample of what our world is like. More than three decades later, the sounds »

‘Crumbs’: Like Hansel and Gretel, but trippier

October 8, 2010
From the start, Yale Cabaret’s “Crumbs” is different. I entered the black box of 217 Park St. to find not a stage or actors but ten round tables, each holding a glass of water. I grabbed a seat and awkwardly glanced around, not really knowing what to expect from the tagline, “Get lost in the »