Miya’s will get you over your food hangups, one awkwardly-named roll at a time.

November 11, 2011
I’m not going to quote Charles Dickens here, because I have a little more respect for both of us than that, but the Miya’s Restaurant Week menu somehow combines the best and the worst of that restaurant. Some people enjoy Miya’s for the novelty of experimenting with things like, to use my friend’s facetious example, »

Nell: Accidental spooning, graffiti and kale

September 30, 2011
I went to the South this summer. A lot of interesting things happened! I could literally talk for a loooong time about all the things that I experienced in the South. My friend and I stayed in a bed & breakfast that we later learned doubled as the sensual-gay-massage mecca of Savannah; we ate our »

All-you-can-defeated by sushi

September 23, 2011
All-you-can-eat sushi. Two things that don’t initially make a ton of sense when combined. Why are you forcing yourself to eat a bunch of a delicacy made from raw fish? That sounds like not what would be fun. But it’s sort of a thing here! Right? People take cabs to Sushi Palace on the regular. »

Klugman: Opening life’s box of surprises

September 16, 2011
I wouldn’t necessarily say I fear change, but it’s definitely not my best friend. We are on terse but cordial speaking terms, change and I. For instance, I love travel. I went to the New Orleans Voodoo Museum this August and a man literally pulled a snake out of his pocket and waved it in »

Klugman: ‘Answers represent the establishment!’

September 2, 2011
At the Pierson senior registration meeting last Tuesday, a meeting I did not attend because I am not a senior and will not be graduating this year and can stay at Yale for as long as I want, Dean Fabbri informed all those in attendance that we were the “keepers of Yale’s traditions and secrets,” »

Klugman: Tradishunned

April 14, 2011
There’s nothing small groups of twentysomething college students love more than tradition. Besides drugs. We love feeling like we are a part of something bigger than our individual selves, which is why some people turn to organized religion, and others choose to perform in an annual 12-hour outdoor improv marathon which provides essentially the same »

Klugman: The off-campus cookbook

March 31, 2011
I did a ton of exciting things over break, like go to Disneyland, wait for eight hours in the Long Beach airport, and not eat for eight hours straight because the Long Beach airport doesn’t have any food in it. But my most personally gratifying experience was probably when I went to my eye doctor. »

Klugman: Hoarding myself for money

February 24, 2011
I don’t like to throw things out. I am constantly consumed by the fear that something I force myself to discard will prove useful the next day and I will just be the dumbest person in the world. One of my friends refuses to watch the TV show “Hoarders” because she finds it too depressing; »

Klugman: Have a pleasant and uneventful February 14

February 11, 2011
Most of the time I can distract myself from the knowledge that I am single. I have a variety of methods: doing a lot of activities and convincing myself that I am too busy not to be alone anyway, writing a biweekly YDN column which pointedly mentions my loneliness at least once and incidentally uses »

Klugman: In the same boat

January 21, 2011
I don’t really hold with New Year’s resolutions. The closest thing I’ve had to one has been the same for the last five years: “Listen to the song ‘Happy New Year’ by Camera Obscura while walking home from whatever you were doing on New Year’s Eve,” which, FYI, is a descriptive rather than proscriptive resolution, »

Klugman: thieved and bereaved

December 3, 2010
Nora Ephron once said, “everything is copy.” I know this not because I am a 60-year-old woman (I think legally you have to be one to read Nora Ephron. Lawyer joke! Nailed it!) but because my mother told me that today in consolation when I emailed her in tears. To clarify, she knew that I »

Klugman: Laser taggin’, white-flaggin’

November 12, 2010
There are moments in life, by which I mean to say my life, when you, by which I mostly just mean I, realize that you have fundamentally changed without even noticing. (I should probably be a professional clear-and-unqualified-statement-maker. I am very good at it.) Last night I went out, IN PUBLIC, to pick up dinner »