The potential third candidate in November's two candidate mayoral race.

Henry Fernandez: The Candidate Who Could Have

September 20, 2013
Fernandez’s third place finish paves the way for a two way race for the mayoral seat in November, but it also begs questions about the state of the city. Those who believe he was the best candidate for the job, are not only disappointed by Fernadez’s loss, but also attribute the election results to a city culture that is not receptive to change.

Keeping Promises

January 18, 2013
College banners hung from the gym ceiling: Yale alongside Rutgers. Michigan State vying with Princeton. Northwestern. Temple. Duke. Syracuse. Penn State. Seated below them were students who attend Hill Central School, a New Haven pre-k through eighth-grade institution. Each Hill Central student held a smaller flag, celebrating a different college. Looking out from the stage, Connecticut Commissioner of Education Stefan Pryor called what he saw “a storm of miracles and magic.”

The ex-prisoner’s dilemma

October 12, 2012
Mike Clemente, 26, has been on probation for eight years. This election season, he is registered to vote for the first time, along with 200 other ex-offenders in New Haven, who were unaware they had this right. Clemente filled out his registration form at the New Haven Probation Office, a small room situated on the »