Rudy’s regular, peoples’ politician

November 10, 2006 • 1
It was on a surprisingly warm New Haven evening, in average low spirits, that I made the trip to Yalies’ favorite cesspit of the damned. Upon arrival, however, my senses perked up, detecting the welcoming aromas of Gothic leather, large lesbian motorcyclists and rampant STDs. Before I even had to muster the courage to ask »

A cautionary tale on Abercrombie & frump

September 29, 2006 • 0
Although it seems unlikely that the upstanding lads of Zeta Psi had their meaty fingers on the pulse of fashion when they planned RAD this semester, it appears nothing short of destiny that the theme for last Saturday’s beer-drenched orgy should correspond with the overriding influence on this fall’s fashion trends. The cocaine-fuelled hodgepodge of »