Stewie kills Lois (finally)

November 9, 2007
Armed with a massive machine gun, an inexplicably British accent and more evil in his heart than Voldemort, the 1-year-old’s maniacally laughing face glows brightly as flashes of white light illuminate not one, not two, but over a dozen bullets sent flying through his unsuspecting mother’s chest. The dramatic voices of a choir singing in »

Come on down, ‘The Price’ is at Long Wharf

November 2, 2007
Despite the heavy risk of being bulldozed by monstrously large eighteen-wheelers in the middle of the bustling food terminal that the Long Wharf Theater calls home, life-threatening stumbles into the parking lot prove to be a small price to pay for the treasure of a performance waiting inside. Appropriately, “prices” like these are meticulously, hilariously, »

‘Grand Guignol’ beats date rape

October 12, 2007
Roofies, prostitutes, steak knives, electro funk and the vigorous use of knitting needles to gouge out the eyes of the mentally impaired are what apparently constitute a typical night at the Grand Guignol. And after one such night of extravagant blood-and-gore glamour, suffice it to say that strawberry syrup will never look the same again. »

No cool robes, no leader? Cult fails

October 5, 2007
After endless breakups, disappointing record sales, and the haunting memories of cut-off sleeves and tight leather pants, you have to admire the determination of The Cult in releasing their eighth studio album. The first record in six years from the iconic British hard-rockers, “Born Into This” marks yet another attempt at reviving the mainstream success »

Cabaret couples age and style

October 5, 2007
So you know how ever since the age of six, you’ve been fascinated by the glitz, glamour and hairdos of the rich and famous? Remember sighing over the red carpets and shameless shopping sprees that are all part of the glittering lives of admired celebrities? Or maybe not. In any case, you won’t find any »

YSO to thrive with Video Games Live

March 30, 2007
Spring has arrived once again. There will be sunshine, daisies and blissful frolicking through the grass — and of course, the heartbroken moans of rejected would-be Yalies from across the nation. Better not to let them know that even Mario and Luigi somehow found a way to make it to Yale. This Saturday night in »

Plastic surgery, sequels berry tacky

February 23, 2007
“Big Momma’s House 2”? Multiple nominations for Tim Allen? Sharon Stone’s Lopsided Breasts? Yes, folks, awards season has rolled around yet again, and with it the glorious parody that is the Razzie Awards. With award categories ranging from Worst Picture to Worst Excuse For Family Entertainment, the 27th Annual Golden Raspberry (Razzie) Awards will present »