Well, it ain’t ‘Black Beauty’

February 20, 2009
Just like with astronauts and Power Rangers, an obsession with horses is an inevitable phase that I know you went through at some point in your life. You watched “Black Beauty” or “The Horse Whisperer,” or you wanted to be a cowboy/girl or an Olympic equestrian rider. Or an Indian. Or a horse, for that »

“Meitner” might right history

January 16, 2009
Robert Marc Friedman’s one true ambition in life was to someday become a playwright. In order to achieve this goal, he followed the most logical course of action: he majored in meteorology and physics. A few decades later at the University of Oslo, where Robert now teaches, he met Swedish actor Ingemar Carlehed, with whom »

Brilliantly, transcendently ‘Gay’

November 14, 2008
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. In honor of Trans-Awareness Week, I propose a little exercise. It won’t take long, and I’d be the last person on the planet to ever actually suggest burning any calories, so rest assured, this will be painless. Now, here goes: imagine the most »

Hit-and-run! Hit-and-run! Ohhhhhhhh-kay!!

October 24, 2008
The chants and squeals of a squad of cheerleaders are among the most cherished (read: vomit-inducing) sounds of high school’s golden years. With short skirts, high ponytails and a frighteningly high degree of pep, the four most awkward years of our lives just wouldn’t have been the same (read: less mentally scarring) without the glory »

Oh, what a little Billie Holiday can do

October 3, 2008
Landing tickets to see jazz legend Billie Holiday sing live is the kind of dream that long ago got tossed into the same “dead ambitions” bin as “marrying James Dean” and “becoming the fifth Beatle (or at least a Bee Gee)” — all decades past the realm of possibility. But this weekend at the Yale »

Tokyo Police Club: (sorta) soph slump?

April 25, 2008
There’s something about the word “sophomore” that is distinctly unpleasant: from somewhere deep within, it oozes dread and foreboding. Mediocrity and yet another fifteen pounds become looming possibilities with the mention of the “sophomore slump.” But besides referring to the second of a four year-long ordeal called school, “sophomore” can also mark the beginning of »

See ‘Pirates of Penzance’ and then you will piss your pants

April 18, 2008
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Sex-deprived women passionately stuffing men’s heads between their breasts is the first indication that a show is about to turn into a prepubescent boy’s ultimate fantasy. Add a raucous birthday party teeming with drunken pirates and the protagonist’s shameless superficiality and objectification of »

Angelina-free ‘Borders’ migrates

April 11, 2008
Like any good documentary, “Beyond Borders: The Debate Over Human Migration” seeks to shed new light on an important, controversial topic and its less obvious but very relevant implications; it scours in search of diverse opinions on a given matter. In this case, the film struggles to answer the question: “Is it a basic human »

Have MIT dorks ruined ‘21?’

April 4, 2008
The last “cool” thing to happen to MIT had something to do with an old cannon and Caltech. Inspiration behind the idea probably went something like, “Pythagoras’ beard, it’s brilliant! First, we utilize level 87 ninja stealth skills to infiltrate enemy lines (Pasadena, Calif.), grab enormous pieces of ancient artillery and then, in the guise »

‘Absence’ attempts to white-out racism

March 28, 2008
White actors performing in blackface as a mockery of African-American culture probably never did much to keep 19th-century Americans on their best behavior. Enormously exaggerated red lips, wooly wigs, raggedy clothes and shoe polish smeared across white faces, in fact, probably helped goad along the contagion of racism that once ran rampant — and, some »

Broadway’s ‘Passing Strange’ stews up youth, the Bard and blinding lights

February 15, 2008
Grabbing a line from “Othello” and fitting it to the title of a Broadway musical has, for “Passing Strange,” achieved an effect that could probably have been foreseen: It sounds profound and potentially enlightening, as if from somewhere within those two words, something will, at any second, reveal itself in blinding, Shakespearean glory. Inspiration will »

Annoying child actors discolor this ‘Canvas’

February 8, 2008
tly going crazy, suffering torments from peers, tThe wild visions and terrifying delusions of schizophrenia are hardly brand spanking new material to filmmakers. The basic plotline of the eccentric outcast abruphen being swept along by imaginative interpersonal drama between family members or love interests has actually become, at its best, a cliché. But as Joseph »