You might have heard me around.

To All My Listeners Out There

February 21, 2014
If I accomplish little in life, I will at least be able to say that I singlehandedly caused the Berkeley Master’s Office to impose practice hours, so that the poor souls upstairs can sleep a little.
Peter Thiel doesn't really believe in your education.

The Other Way to Learn

October 18, 2013
The Thiel Fellowship application opens with a challenge: “tell us how you would like to change the world.”


September 13, 2013
Sitting in Intro to Creative Writing this semester, I look at the other students in the room and wonder how much of themselves they place in their fiction. I wonder whether their dialogues are based on conversations they have sort of had and whether their characters’ thoughts are based on their own. I squirm and look down at times, feeling as though I know their secrets, even though they have never shared them with me.
High kicks!

Yaledancers Own the Stage

April 12, 2013
As organ music blared through the speakers, a troop of jean-jacket-clad dancers bowed their heads, and, slowly, delicately, touched one another’s fingertips.

Société Anonyme: back from the dead

January 18, 2013
The Yale University Art Gallery’s exhibition “Société Anonyme: Modernism for America” is what some might call “all over the place.”
Let's have some fun, this beat is sick...

Dances to Fit Everyone’s Groove

November 30, 2012
Train is not usually played back-to-back with Missy Elliot and Rihanna, but at the Groove Dance Company’s shows, anything is fair game. In keeping with the group’s previous productions, the 10th anniversary event is a showcase of all styles of dance, with everything from raunchy hip-hop to graceful ballet worked into the 11 different pieces and 5 interludes.

Gay Pastoral

November 9, 2012
Charming fifth-grader Emory may frequently be found playing with a Barbie doll or practicing a ribbon dance for his debut on the TV show “Reach for the Stars.” But despite his joy in such play, his no-nonsense Nanna reminds him that he’s a boy, and boys just don’t do that sort of thing. Set on »