Great Valentine’s bites

February 12, 2010
Choosing a restaurant for a date is a daunting task. Bad food, service or a distracting atmosphere can easily divert your date from noticing what an interesting and fun person you are and ruin the chance of another meeting. Of course on Valentine’s Day this pressure is immeasurably greater. Failure to select the right restaurant »


October 9, 2009
Sushi dos and don’ts Best Place to get Sushi Rolls: Sushi on Chapel With a wide selection and reasonable prices, Sushi on Chapel is the best place for rolls in New Haven. Rolls range from simple and traditional to complex and unique. Simone’s pick: The Crazy Roll — A basic avocado and shrimp tempura roll »

Max and Simone have serious beef

September 18, 2009
“So, do you want to try out Temple Grill tonight?” “Can’t we get some Thai food instead? You know I don’t like red meat.” “Fine. It’s not like you eat anything besides salad anyway.” “That’s just due to a lack of alternatives in the dining hall! Can’t we get sushi?” “No! I’m really hungry!” “You »