Off-(Lincoln) Center

February 17, 2012
Fashion Week descended upon New York City this week, hosted at the Lincoln Center for the fourth season running. The move out of Bryant Park in September 2010 was met with mixed opinions, and has unquestionably changed the character of the event. “It’s definitely different,” said Jacob Lopez, New York-based dancer, actor and model. “At »

Michael Bastian, ‘more like a cat than a dog’

February 17, 2011
Michael Bastian is the (menswear) man of the hour. Since his 2007 debut as CFDA’s Newcomer Menswear Designer of the Year, Bastian has been spearheading the preppy resurgence with his signature brand of impeccable American sportswear. His momentum shows no signs of slowing — he was a nominee for GQ Magazine’s Best Menswear Designer of »

WEEKEND | Thanksgiving in your dorm

November 25, 2010
Your plane ticket’s gone missing. Your sister got a new cat while you were away, and you’re deathly allergic. Your parents don’t love you anymore. Whatever the reason, many of us aren’t able to go home for Thanksgiving. And that means sharing Thursday dinner with a random relative, a family friend or a friend’s family. »

WEEKEND | Restaurant Week: Ibiza

November 15, 2010
Ibiza Restaurant is animated. The atmosphere and the décor (a Spanish-futurist sort of aesthetic that barely misses pulling off the “retro” look), make it a vibrant experience. After a moment of self-pity (I was not sitting at the bar sharing drinks and tapas with una chica), I settled down with the Restaurant Week lunch menu. »

‘Kvetch’ director schvitzes out a movie

October 8, 2010
From young James Bond to a dying Yiddish comedian to the much-anticipated YSO Halloween show, film director Austin Kase ’11 has had his hand in countless projects. The most ambitious to date, “Kvetch,” premiers tonight at the Whitney Humanities Center. WEEKEND talks to the writer-director pre-screening to find out more about the film, where Kase »

New designers emerge outside the tents of Bryant Park

September 24, 2010
New York Fashion Week has always been different from runway shows across the pond. At Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks, shows are dominated by established fashion houses – the ones who have been around for decades. Your grandparents are probably familiar with them: Chanel, Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. Try mentioning Yigal Azrouel or Rag »

Fashion’s big night out, abridged

September 24, 2010
Louis Vuitton On Fashion’s Night Out, Fifth Avenue was a carnival of expensive clothes and beautiful people. Not one to be outdone, the flagship Louis Vuitton store put on a theatrical performance that was mobbed by paparazzi and consumers alike. Dozens of male models in matching outfits and starched white gloves filed onto multiple levels »

Thomas Cary: The eccentric collector at the center of the fashion world

September 17, 2010
WEEKEND headed to New York to catch up with Thomas Cary, a quirky rare book collector, on the eve of his release of the Skull & Bones yearbook from 1948. “You can probably tell — white is my least favorite color,” Cary said, beckoning me into his apartment-turned-showroom. Wearing yellow trousers, a powder blue polo »

Internships: indentured servitude or worthy right of passage?

August 27, 2010
Yalies tend to be overachievers. Loath to “waste” a summer, hundreds of us join the throngs of college students nationwide who find internships during their time off. In a 2008 survey, 50 percent of graduating seniors reported participating in internships, according to The National Association of Colleges and Employers. I caught up with some summer »

Don’t slap God in the face

April 16, 2010
There are several things that become distinctly unpleasant as summer approaches. Sitting in a damp, windowless room and having a root canal sans anesthetic comes to mind. Or going to class. Of course, cutting class is an indulgence not strictly confined to beautiful summery days — throughout the year, Yalies ditch for a variety of »
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Haircuts: A Comprehensive Guide

Let scene tell you, most Yalies prefer to get their hair cut from the same person at HOME who’s been doing it forever, that magic man or woman who knows exactly how to work your layers or how to not make your ears stick out. But sometimes you need a cut FORTHWITH. Maybe you’re ready »

The Furniture Puzzle

March 3, 2010
Urban furniture is often a little … off. Either there are too many ugly benches, or you can’t find a place to sit. And most of the time, you don’t even need to sit at all – casually leaning against the wall will do. Maruja Fuentes’ Leaning-mold is an innovative furniture system composed of two »