Fork and Knife: No byproducts, no problem?

February 18, 2011
The secret to baking good vegan baked goods is to make sure they don’t taste like vegan baked goods. To many people, the idea of a sweet treat without butter, eggs or cream seems wrong. “Eggs make things fluffy, milk makes things moist,” said Gabriela Gutierrez ’12, a junior in Calhoun and a lifetime baker, »

Fork & Knife: Conquer the cold with soup

February 3, 2011
I hate the cold. It is the worst possible human feeling — definitely worse than anger, frustration, jealousy, heat or sickness. The cold gnaws at you, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and symbolically. New Haven’s freezing rain doesn’t help. Nor do the wind, the darkness, or the fact that the holidays are over so the cold »

Fork & Knife: when in Rome

January 21, 2011
Imagine growing up accustomed to multi-course meals, hand-cut pasta and limitless wine. Then imagine moving to America, the land of drive-throughs, instant eggs and Fruit Roll-ups that tattoo your tongue. I imagine this sucks. Having spent a good amount of time in Italy visiting family, I’ve always wondered how the seven Yale undergrads from Italy »

Yagoda: cooking for two (religions)

December 3, 2010
In elementary school, December always meant being asked by my fellow classmates, “Are you Christmas or Hanukkah?” To me, the question was puzzling — partially because both options were holidays, not religions. Even more puzzling, though, was the idea of making a choice; I celebrated both Christmas and Hanukkah, as I’m half-Jewish, half-Catholic. My 8-year-old »

WEEKEND | Holiday treats

December 2, 2010
Now that it’s December, I feel less weird drinking holiday drinks at Starbucks, sucking on candy canes, wearing my Santa hat and humming Ave Maria, my favorite holiday song. But I’m most excited about baking festive holiday treats, including one of my all-time favorite party snacks, popcorn cake. (It sounds weird, but don’t judge. Lots »

WEEKEND | Slow down and eat some stuffing

November 25, 2010
My knowledge of the first Thanksgiving is pretty limited, but if the event was anything like the simulation I experienced in kindergarten, I’m sure it was just lovely: black paper hats, colorful feathers, applesauce, and giving thanks for family, friends and Gumby. I like my little Thanksgiving myth, especially since everything tastes better when there’s »

WEEKEND | Restaurant Week: Bespoke

November 13, 2010
To be completely honest, I was a little nervous about going to Bespoke for Restaurant Week. I had heard the portions were really small, and that doesn’t bode well for me. But I was willing to be flexible — if the food was top-notch, I’d accept the rabbit-sized portions that so often characterize upscale restaurants. »

WEEKEND | What to do with that leftover Halloween candy

November 11, 2010
As a youngster, the weeks after Halloween were the most glorious: Butterfingers in my packed lunch, Skittles as an afternoon snack, and Snickers for my late-night, under-the-covers munchies. Though my trick-or-treating days are over and I don’t have a sack of candy lying around, I’ve still been coming across random chocolate bars in my suite »

Yagoda: putting down the whip

November 5, 2010
As a master’s aide, I am privy to weekly events involving catered food — delightful little crostini, lamb meatballs, shrimp skewers and cheese cubes galore. After working a fellow’s dinner a few nights ago, a female coworker and I returned to the kitchen to find three large plates of leftover hors d’oeuvres. Naturally, we devoured »

Yagoda: “Cheese is also good”

October 22, 2010
I am a very nervous person. When I watch Disney movies I get worried that Aladdin won’t defeat Jaffar. When I see squirrels I instantly assume they are rabid and sadistic. Incidentally, midterms also make me nervous, especially because the threat they pose is significantly more far-reaching than that of Disney movies ending poorly or »

Meet the Dramat

September 3, 2010
A. President: John Wolff ’11 Wolff, a senior in Calhoun, is responsible for coordinating the activities of the board and ensuring the smooth functioning of all departments of the DRAMAT. Essentially, he runs shit. An avid thespian in high school, with a talent for set construction and carpentry, Wolff naturally gravitated towards the DRAMAT. You »

Let Them Eat Cake

April 23, 2010
When I think of England, good food is not the first thing that comes to mind. Instead: bad teeth, lukewarm beer or mad cows — in that order. And while many of the country’s regional delicacies dabble in the revolting (spotted dick, anyone?), many are worth trying. Like Victoria sponge cake, for example — a »