Keeping things tame for the party-goers

April 20, 2012
A few weeks ago I got my business waxed for the first time. I have an extremely low pain tolerance and I’m scared of most things, especially things that are going to get all up in and around my vagina (I’m looking at you, pap smear contraptions). I also hate paying for things that aren’t »
Anna and Seth know how to play games.

Play Jenga, not people

March 30, 2012
Much of what I learned about love, heartbreak and the sex appeal of nerdy Jews (both middle-aged and teenaged) comes from watching teen melodrama “The OC.” Take the Anna/Seth/Summer love triangle. Seth is hopelessly in love with Summer, who is the worst to him. And Anna is hopelessly in love with Seth, who only likes »
Planned Parenthood lets its youngest audience in on the birds and the bees.

Let’s Talk about Sex

March 2, 2012
Talking about sex is uncomfortable. I never got the sex talk from my parents, nor did I want one. I was content not knowing what sort of naked shenanigans transpired to produce some sort of child. I didn’t even need a stork story. Because even if there was a stork involved there was something strange »
Touch me and I want to scream.

Let your hair down, play footsie

February 17, 2012
“Dang, girl, you look just like a banana.” My friend Gaby was at a bar when an older man approached her and used this as a pickup line. While the line didn’t work — she in no way looked like a banana, nor understood how this would be flattering — I’m going to give this »
Morning after makeup.

The morning after

February 3, 2012
The morning after a hook-up can be awkward, uncomfortable, sneaky, sleepy, and even mind-blowing. We all must contend with morning etiquette after spending the night with someone, and there are four main categories of how such a morning can transpire. 1) Wake up at 7 a.m., or a similarly hellish hour of the morning, and »
Maria Yagoda tells us what Nancy Reagan really meant when she told us just to say no.

Just say no (to awful sex)

January 20, 2012
Guys at Yale are bad in bed. I know Yale has taught us to discuss issues with nuance and complexity, but I feel really comfortable with this blanket statement: Guys at Yale are bad in bed. Like, really bad. Like, I’d-laugh-if-I-weren’t-crying bad. Like, maybe-I’ll-just-eat-this-sandwich-instead bad. Before I continue, it’s important to make some clarifications. Because »

Sexting and Society: “2am nipple! Enjoy :)”

December 2, 2011
If I were to pick up any news magazine with a target age demographic between 30 and 60, I would expect to find an article on sex in youth culture. I would expect to learn about young people giving blow jobs on school buses, doing strange things to penises with lipstick, wearing thongs and sexting. »

Maria Yagoda’s Center for Kids Who Can’t Cook Good

October 21, 2011
College is mostly a good thing. Higher education teaches us to think critically, to survive without sleep and to talk about postmodernism, literary tropes and networking. Unfortunately, it teaches us nothing about making good food. And I would argue that the skill of preparing good food is vastly more important than that of talking like »

Slow Food USA President Josh Viertel talks culinary culture

October 21, 2011
Q. How does it feel to come back to New Haven and see the ways in which the Yale Sustainable Food Project — which you spearheaded — has grown and become a part of the culture? A. I was just talking to a girl, Zoe. She came up to me to say thank you, and »

Fork and Knife: G-Heav cheesesteak is surprisingly authentic

October 7, 2011
Philadelphia is a special place. It’s a place where people pronounce bagels “beggels,” where the delicious frozen confection “water ice” isn’t considered redundant, where subs are called hoagies and where soft pretzels taste like they’re supposed to. Philadelphia is also the birthplace of American democracy, me, Will Smith, brotherly love and most importantly, cheesesteaks, the »

Fork & Knife: Jonesin’ for mo’ at the Mochi Store

September 23, 2011
When I first visited the Mochi Store, a recent addition to the slew of eateries on Crown Street, I was surprised to learn that mochi ice cream has a fairly involved history. I couldn’t stop myself from asking co-owner Harrison Robbins-Pesce questions, many of which were in no way relevant to this article. I simply »

Fork & Knife: Polish dumplings worth the trek

March 25, 2011
This Sunday, the first day of spring, I felt inspired to walk to the Wooster Square farmer’s market to celebrate the new season. I had visions of verdant bundles of asparagus, overflowing baskets of strawberries and hipsters in jean cut-off shorts trying to play harmonicas and banjos. So I Google-mapped Wooster Square, put on my »