The Daily Couture: Gareth Pugh and Dries Van Noten Start Paris Fashion Week With Car Mats and Leopard Print

March 4, 2010
P-P-Paris Fashion Week is here! It’s the only fashion week that actually matters, so there are many shows to look forward to! Today: Dries Van Noten and Gareth Pugh! Let’s highlight some of the hottest looks that walked today. Dries Van Noten DVN didn’t use a single model of color, which annoys me just a »

The Daily Couture: Lady Gaga is basically a lesson in iconography

March 1, 2010
You know you’re a pop icon when some dude can draw you on a cookie — and everybody still knows it’s you! A little while back, two little monsters celebrated Her Gaganess by making a batch of cookies based on her various outrageous outfits. Faaaabulous. Remember this performance? God I love that glob of blood »

The Daily Couture: Taylor Lautner’s Abs Aren’t Even His!

February 27, 2010
Sorry to disappoint you, Lautner fans, but it turns out that Taylor’s trademark Really Hot Abs belong to another dude (allegedly!), who is way hotter, in my opinion. In posters for Twilight New Moon, it seems like Taylor’s abs were totally Photoshopped from the hotter dude. Sheesh, as if he needed that much more abage. »

The Daily Couture: Burberry Streams Their Collection Live, Invite You To Be In The Front Row

February 24, 2010
First Alexander Wang streamed his collection “live” in Times Square during New York Fashion Week, and now Christopher Bailey over at Burberry is taking the show to you, wherever you are! The Burberry Prorsum AW 2010 Collection was streamed live yesterday, and the video is super profesh. It’s much longer than the actual show, and »

The Daily Couture: Would You Wear Pants With A Pre-Installed Penis?

February 23, 2010
So … um … Spanish Designer Isabel Mastache designed a collection of cock pants for her AW 2010 collection at Madrid Fashion Week. Mastache makes “avant garde” designs and everything, which we love, but a cock is not avant garde! There’s a fine line between avant garde and hot mess. I mean, not only are »

The Daily Couture: Lifetime, Project Runway Think Fashionistas Care About Children, Being Nice

February 20, 2010
I was so pissed off last week when I saw that the designers on Project Runway would have to, like, make clothes for children. WTFWTFWTF? I was so mad I almost threw a heel at my TV in protest. Nobody watches Project Runway to see kids. Nobody! But then, here comes Tim Gunn — “Designers…I »

The Daily Couture: Jeremy Scott Is Basically Fashion’s Duchamp

February 18, 2010
You’re just chilling at a hot frat party when all of a sudden this girl rolls up into the room and she’s wearing a, like, Snickers dress. No. For real — the dress has the same color scheme and logo as a Snickers bar. Hmm. So you’re just kind of unsure if she’s dead serious »

The Daily Couture: My Six Favorite Looks From Fashion Week

February 17, 2010
Marc Jacobs Leave it to me to love anything that sparkles! I love this dress…I feel slightly less passionate about the awful green gloves and boots! I mean, I like them…I just wish they weren’t baby poop green. Also, this looks like a dress you could cut yourself in! Diane Von Furstenberg I am so »

The Daily Couture: Alexander Wang Puts Zippers On Your Eyes

February 16, 2010
Do you need of a pair of super chic sunglasses to wear during Spring Break? Or how about a fabulous way to protect your eyes from those god awful, like, UV rays so you don’t wrinkle? Don’t worry – Alexander Wang has the answer! My favorite designer of the moment will launch a line of »

The Daily Couture: Andre Leon Talley Finally Joins the Cast of ANTM

February 11, 2010
Andre Leon Talley, my idol and the also the most fabulous black dude in America will finally be a guest judge on the two millionth season of American’s Next Top Idol. I have been waiting like totally forever for this moment! ALT will replace Miss J., who is leaving ANTM to do charity work for »

The Daily Couture: Dita Von Teese Brings Her Dragspertise to TV

February 10, 2010
Last night, the ever-fierce queen of burlesque Miss Dita Von Tesse was a celebrity guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Yay — she even wore diamonds in her hair for the occasion. You gotta love any panel of judges that has RuPaul’s weave and Dita Von Tesse’s make up on it! In the episode, the »

The Daily Couture: Louis Vuitton Now Even Makes Trash Bags Look Really Fabulous

February 5, 2010
Louis Vuiton’s latest “It” bag is the “Raindrop Besace,” yours for only $2,000! And guess what? It’s basically a giant trash bag! No joke. The Besace is made from coated canvas, meaning it’s, like, waterproof — just in case you need a designer bag to take with you through the rainforest or whatever. The bag »