WEEKEND | “I Never Use the World Fabulous.” How Gay Is TOO Gay?

December 1, 2010 • 5
This week on “Savage Love,” sex-columnist Dan Savage’s regular installment of raunchy sex advice, a “straight acting” gay dude with the very clever pseudonym “Straight Actor” wrote in about how masculine and burly and like totally out of touch he is with flaming gay bois. This bro can fix a car, is not attracted to »

WEEKEND | Rihanna Makes Me Feel Like The Only Gay In The World

November 23, 2010 • 2
Rihanna (pronounced RI-ANNA, not RI-ONNAH) just released her very red and very floral new album LOUD. With all the color and flowers and happiness and everything, it’s basically the exact opposite of Rated R. Remember how creepy and dark that album was? Usually it takes me a few good listens to really get into a »

WEEKEND | Yale University Press drops THE book on hip hop

November 4, 2010 • 0
Looks like our Universitatis Yalensis just earned some serious street cred. On November 9th, Yale University Press drops The Anthology of Rap, edited by Adam Bradley and Andrew DuBois, with a Forward by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Afterwords by Chuck D and Common. I’m not sure if you know this, but Yale University Press »

Shit Robot’s electric ‘Triumph’

October 1, 2010 • 1
Shit Robot née Marcus Lambkin waited 20 whole years to drop his first legit studio album. That’s a long time. But good things come to those who wait, and 20 years is none too long for this dance music veteran. Born in Dublin, Lambkin immigrated to the United States after winning the U.S. Green Card »

MGMT no longer kids

April 16, 2010 • 0
If you’ve heard about Brooklyn psychedelic hipster rock band MGMT’s new album “Congratulations,” out on April 13 from Columbia Records, you’re probably wondering what the celebration is all about. Three years ago, this unknown Wesleyan-educated duo served us the coked-up Dionysian dream of “Time to Pretend” and the practically porn-like groove of “Electric Feel.” Bow »

The Daily Couture: Did You Know That Lady Gaga Scribbled On A Birkin Bag

April 14, 2010 • 0
Today Lady Gaga arrived in Tokyo with a white Birkin bag and a trapezoidal pantsuit. To top it all off, Gaga’s Hermes Birkin bag had the phrase “I love little monster, Tokyo love” sprayed on it in Japanese. Um…with a Sharpie. Oh, and just FYI, a Birkin bag costs at least $5,000, is a major »

The Daily Couture: Today You Can Buy Alexander McQueen For 80% Off

April 9, 2010 • 0
Have a couple bucks to spare? Or maybe you don’t, but you’ve been DYING for your very own pair of Alexander McQueen shoes? Or something from Costume National, Ralph Lauren, Y-3 or Nicole Miller? When you’re sitting in class bored to tears, instead of playing on Facebook, you can now shop for couture! And the »

The Daily Couture: Last Night Christian Siriano Had A Moment

April 6, 2010 • 1
Remember how a couple years ago Christian Siriano single-handedly had all of America saying “fierce”? Fierce! Fierce Hot Tranny Mess! Tranny Fierce! But for Siriano, “having a moment” is now the hot catch phrase. Quick — everybody stop saying “fierce.” Bravo aired the one-hour special “Christian Siriano: Having A Moment” last night, and it was »

The Daily Couture: Slowly, But Surely, Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Is Becoming A Celebrity, Too

April 3, 2010 • 0
Get ready for Back-to-School, ya’ll! Madonna is launching a Lourdes-inspired collection for Macy’s. But apparently, Lourdes is designing the collection, while momma bear stays in the background and says “That’s cool. That’s not cool.” I haven’t seen any of the collection, but I bet it will be exciting for the demographic. Every time I see »

The Daily Couture: Danielle Steele Has 6,000 Pairs of Louboutins

March 31, 2010 • 0
In a recent interview, Christian Louboutin — the Red Soled God of High Heels — says he sells more than 340,000 pairs of shoes each year. I know ya’ll can do the math: at $500 a pair, that’s at least $170 million dollars per year in footwear. Yikes! A pair of Loubs is the highest »

The Daily Couture: This Balmain T-Shirt Is Worth More Than Your Monthly Rent

March 29, 2010 • 0
Balmain is like the most notoriously expensive fashion house on the planet. Jackets are $5,000, and dresses go between $12,000 and $22,000. The cheapest thing the in the house? A damn T-shirt priced at $1,650. With holes in it! And if you really want to be fabulous, the sparkly one will run you a very »

The Daily Couture: Michael Kors Will Now Say “NO” To Models That Are Too Thin

March 23, 2010 • 0
Last night the Harvard Business School held a panel on the prevention and treatment of eating disorders, a major source of debate within the fashion industry. The panel was lead by Michael Kors and Her Highness Anna (Wintour), who both expressed their stern disapproval of the condition of models on the catwalks. According to the »