Artspace’s ‘For the Birds’ fails to take flight

January 30, 2004 • 0
“For the Birds” is a title with potential. Taking into account David Smith’s wrought iron ornithological sculpture, Alfred Hitchcock’s chilling aviary masterpiece, and most recently Santiago Calatrava’s soaring project for the PATH station at Ground Zero, birds have provided a departure point for art that veers from the sublime to the scary. Unfortunately, ArtSpace’s latest »

Ghosts and exes haunt GPSCY halls

October 31, 2003 • 0
TYLER: GPSCY, the Graduate-Professional Student Center at Yale, is haunted by spirits. Now, I don’t mean those lonely souls that we colloquially refer to as “TAs.” Nor am I referring to the bar’s countless tales of anonymous bathroom encounters. Rather, GPSCY is a certifiable haunted house, confirming that if you build a gothic campus, you »

From a book, an epic tragedy

October 31, 2003 • 0
As the leading credits roll for “The Human Stain,” we watch a Volvo station wagon maneuver along the icy curves of a New England road. We see the car from an aerial view and we see a close-up of the man and woman in the car. We see the car from a third perspective. From »

Don’t go without ‘Life Without Me’

October 24, 2003 • 0
Lede: If you are feeling depressed, do not see this movie. Lede: If you are feeling depressed, do see this movie. Lede: I had heard that this movie was bad and had a first line all picked out: “It is a sad day for Spaniards and Blondie fans.” The line still applies, but the movie »

Democratic ideals, fiscally Republican

October 17, 2003 • 0
It is two o’clock in the morning on a Thursday and I am walking home, past the nocturnal electricians packing amps and instruments into trucks outside of Toad’s and boys throwing their drunken arms around drunken shoulders. I have just come from six hours of reading submissions for the Yale Literary Magazine and the sounds »

From Rick to — Rick: favorite movie characters

September 26, 2003 • 0
Ah movies, the great democratizer. Aside from a woman in the English Department office and a man at the exit desk of Sterling Library, everyone watches them. You sit in a dark air-conditioned room, munching on popcorn or Twizzlers. You enter into another world. A world where people always know just what to say in »

scene gets in the Dramat’s bizness

September 19, 2003 • 0
The Dramat has narrowed suggestions down to a “medium list” of 12 plays under consideration for its Spring Mainstage production — scene weighs in: 1. “Othello” by Shakespeare Shakespeare’s classic story of jealousy, race and handkerchiefs. The Public Theater produced a terrific version last winter with Liev Schreiber playing Iago, the sadistically scheming military man »

I’ll meet you at The Place

September 5, 2003 • 0
Lucy Teitler They told the reporter they were meeting her in front of the Admissions building in ten minutes so she stood there in the dim streetlamp light of Hillhouse Avenue waiting to go to “The Place.” Which place she had no idea. The car pulled up and she got in, noticing the two six-packs »

Yale night at Catwalk club lacks Elis, sex

April 25, 2003 • 0
T.S. Coburn The bouncer’s eyebrows knit together as he stoops over his desk and contemplates the Yale University Student I.D. A thought suddenly rouses the muscles of his face and he bellows, “Hey Phil, It’s Yale night, ain’t it?” And yes, as advertised by the Rumpus, Tuesday night at The Catwalk is indeed Yale Night, »

Overheard: getting the dirt with your cup of caff

April 18, 2003 • 0
Let’s face it: if you go to a coffee shop to study, you’re really just looking to overhear some good gossip. I sit by the window at Booktrader, drinking coffee too fast. I’m trying to read Hannah Arendt, but I’m distracted by the nasal male voice over my shoulder. “Shakespeare surfaced for the first time »

Mondays at Cafe Nine: Beatniks’ open mic

April 4, 2003 • 0
Lucy: It’s the kind of place that makes you look good on a date. It’s somewhere between creepily sexy and sexily creepy. The room is dim and wooden and most of the light comes from neon beer adds and the illuminated Smirnoff Ice bottles that sit like lava lamps behind the bar. Monday night is »

Horak shows artistic progress

February 7, 2003 • 0
In her photography and film show “Neither Here Nor There,” Laura Horak ’03 gives viewers a chance to look not only at the greatest artistic achievements of her Yale career, but also at the artistic development her works document. Her show includes three films and two collections of photographs, spanning from her first Sudler grant »