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On Your Mark, Get Set, Cook

February 13, 2015
You are late to the Second Annual Intercollegiate Iron Chef Competition at wintry Umass Amherst, so when you saunter into the welcoming receiption, the eyes of those already arrived follow you hungrily.
Does American pastry look like this? Je pense no.

Such is the State of American Pastry

December 5, 2014
Seen from afar, the state of American pastry looks bleak: we’re stuck in brand-driven creativity. Kraft over craft. Too often, we’re often much closer. Too close, with our faces buried in supremely flaky croissant-donut chimerae, wiping November special salted dulce de leche off our chins.
Spicy enough?!

Back to Everyone’s Favorite Worst Restaurant

November 14, 2014
This is how the kitchen boys’ nights out end: We stagger through double doors, sit at the same greasy linoleum table, order in invented Chinese dialects. This is how we punctuate our whisky-soaked nights on the town: curry beef stew noodle with chow fun, cha jung mein with hot oil and hock kian shrimp noodle with Cantonese noodle.
We were going LARPing.

Live Action Role-Play: The Stories We Tell

October 31, 2014
A letter arrived in my PO box one day. No — a scroll of yellowing parchment was delivered to my quarters.
How innovative can you be?

I Think “Nuevo” Means “New”

November 8, 2013
Pacifico is a pretty punchy place, or that’s what it feels like it’s supposed to be. Its bright orange walls are laced with stripes of blue. Drawings of little fishes swim along these stripes, or perhaps they’re tadpoles, or just a series of swirls in unapologetic reds, yellows and greens. Early afternoon sunlight filters through »