Night Cheese: Winging the book report

September 30, 2011
It only takes me about 12 minutes to watch an episode of “The Daily Show.” What laws of time and space, you might ask, do I bend to digest 30 minutes of television in a fraction of the viewing time required by most humans? First of all, I don’t watch the commercials. But second of »

Night Cheese: Jumping the shark

September 16, 2011
Much like I did in 3rd grade travel soccer, today I often find myself playing defense. You think “SNL” is no longer worth watching? My shinguards are on. Lady Gaga is a talentless schizo? Shot blocked. “Bossypants” was overrated? I just slide-tackled you. But let’s go back to Gaga for a minute. You say the »

Night Cheese: Am I bovvered?

September 2, 2011
Am’st I bovvered, forsooth? This summer, I watched a red-headed British actress dangle 30 feet above the stage of Wyndham’s Theater as Beatrice in a production of “Much Ado About Nothing” on London’s legendary West End. Suspended from a harness in the play’s famous Act 3, in which Beatrice overhears the news that her old »

Night Cheese: Code Red in Sitcom City

April 15, 2011
As we leave behind the March rerun lull and careen headlong into May “sweeps” and season finale territory, I want us to pause for a minute and consider an epidemic that threatens to destroy the situation comedy as we know it. The lovable bundle of joy that is the sitcom is in deep trouble: one »

Night Cheese: Oh, sweetie

March 31, 2011
Women of television comedy, comediennes, funny ladies: I believe in you. I adore you. I want to be you. But you’re doing it all wrong. Many of your careers are at a standstill; some of you have literally dropped off the face of the Earth. But there is so much potential there. Potential that has »

Night Cheese: It’s getting serious

February 24, 2011
It’s kind of embarrassing, but I’ll admit it: I’m in love with TV. Our relationship isn’t characterized by the lustful, fleeting passion of “Yeah I Hulu-ed Gwyneth doing ‘Forget You’ on ‘Glee’ like two weeks ago” or “Yeah I watched, like, four episodes of ‘Jersey Shore’ last night” or “OMG, ‘True Blood’!!!” You won’t catch »

David Kastan: Jokester, Scholar, Renaissance man.

January 28, 2011
David Kastan, George M. Bodman Professor of English, Elizabethan literature scholar, and editor of widely-used editions of Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus,” spoke Thursday at the Whitney Humanities Center to commemorate the Elizabethan Club Centenary. WEEKEND caught up with the Renaissance man before the lecture as he waxed poetic about his book fetish, »

Out numbered

October 29, 2010
His teammates on the men’s varsity swimming team threw kickboards at him. Laughing, they taunted him throughout afternoon practice, punning on his name and cracking nasty comments. But it wasn’t because he was gay — he’s not. And they didn’t think he was. His teammates berated him that afternoon because he had made a homophobic »

Let them Eat Virtual Produce!

January 15, 2010
“Had enough of city life?” asks the homepage of the infectiously popular Internet game FarmVille. More than 62 million people have. Have you? What if this question was written dangerously close to the large, pink nostrils of a cartoon cow? A ROYAL FARM(VILLE) It is 1787, and Marie-Antoinette — that infamous and ill-fated French queen »