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Remaking a Classic: Ethan Karetsky, Chandler Rosenthal and Lucie Ledbetter Talk “Gypsy”

March 7, 2014
“Gypsy: A Musical Fable” is coming to Yale. The story follows the relationships between the ultimate stage mother, Rose, and her daughters as she attempts to catapult them to stardom at the rise of burlesque. While the show is traditionally performed as an over-the-top spectacle, Yale’s take will portray an intimate family drama through a »
Welcome to the district.

Appreciating Artists at Work

February 14, 2014
Coffee in hand, I walked with a friend past TDHeav and took a right. A little off the beaten path for most Yalies and across from Koffee? with a K, a photography public art installation lines the windows of an empty building. Located in New Haven’s Audubon Arts District, the exhibit, “Artists at Work,” features photos by Chris Randall of local New Haven artists practicing their craft. The installation aims to show artists as integral parts of the workforce and inspire young artists to “pursue their dreams” and a career rooted in their creative passions.
WEEKEND Recommends: Building a snowman.

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

January 17, 2014
I might not be a member of the intended audience for Disney’s newest animated film “Frozen.” That honor goes to kids everywhere — and as one latter-day WEEKEND cover informed me, my childhood is over.
The Spaceship WKND lands on Moon Harvard, finds little life.

Where There Is No Weekend

November 21, 2013
As we snaked up I-84 towards Harvard, on what should have been an exhilarating mission to tap into the Crimson party scene, we caught ourselves yawning instead of gasping. We’d caffeinated before hitting the road, but the text messages flooding in were deflating our expectations for a good time. Every buzz on the smartphone announced yet another glum prophet of our Friday night. “Hopefully you find something fun to do, but it is Harvard so the odds are against you,” said one Facebook message from a Cantab friend.
Oh, to dream of the moon...

Ask What An Exhibit Can Do For You

November 8, 2013
While the crowd wasn’t too large in the Yale University Art Gallery’s new exhibit “A Great Crowd Had Gathered: JFK in the 1960s,” it probably should have been.
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Tricks and Treats: Jen Kramer ’14 talks magic

November 1, 2013
The world of Jen Kramer ’14 is truly filled with magic. As founder and president of the Yale Magic Society, this magician extraordinaire says that for her, magic is all about making people smile. She’s interned at Nathan Burton Comedy Magic at Las Vegas and has met all of your magician icons—Criss Angel, David Copperfield, and David Blaine. WEEKEND had the chance to sit down with Kramer to discuss her path and approach, as well as get to see some magic performed firsthand.

Gabe Polsky ’02: from the Yale Whale to Hollywood

October 11, 2013
Producer and director Gabe Polsky ’02 came to campus this past weekend in order to promote his newest film “The Motel Life,” starring Emile Hirsch and Dakota Fanning. After graduating from Yale, the former Men’s Hockey star’s career in show business has skyrocketed. First, he founded his own production company, Polsky Films, with his brother. In 2009, the company produced “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call—New Orleans,” directed by Werner Herzog and starring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes. The company’s 2011 documentary about Jerry Weintraub, “His Way,” was nominated for an Emmy. Recently, Polsky has begun to focus on directing and, ultimately, writing. While on campus, Polksy sat down with WEEKEND to discuss his life path, his directing style, and the future of Hollywood.
An inflatable Buddha represents the centerpiece of "All That Remains."

Love and Loss: Memorializing Emotion Through the Material Form

October 4, 2013
Chances are, you have never been to the Institute of Sacred Music’s Gallery for Sacred Arts. I, along with my dutiful companion, certainly hadn’t, and it seemed as though no one could even direct me (or maybe I’m just bad at remembering directions). But if you want to start exploring the extent of what the Yale arts community has to offer, I highly recommend taking the pilgrimage through the Divinity School’s heavenly quadrangle to visit the Gallery’s newest exhibit “All That Remains: Material Remembrances in Love and Loss.”
Modern interpretations on historic works.

Engaging with Olympia sur l’herbe

September 27, 2013
If you squint your eyes at most of the pieces in the exhibit “Lunch with Olympia,” you will be able to discern one of two compositions.
A nudist resort fever dream/road trip to northern CT!

Sun On My Ridge: WKND gets naked

September 20, 2013
Thrust. A relentless pattern; a relentless panting. Thump. Thump. Back and forth. Thrust and groan. The wind caressed our naked bodies. Sweat ran down our sun-kissed skin. Leah heaved. Yuvie squealed. He hit hard. Jennifer watched from the sidelines.
Can you feel the love tonight?

Ravioli Romance

September 13, 2013
Walking onto the patio of L’Orcio, a Contemporary Italian restaurant on State Street, I felt as though I was transported into a romantic fantasy world. A few blocks away from Yale’s familiar campus, the restaurant is an ideal place to go when you want some privacy. It is superb as a date locale: there are plenty of sparkling lights to set the mood; the portions are big enough to share; the cocktail menu boasts all sorts of aphrodisiacs for the over-21 set. And I know the full romance this place holds first hand.
Looking at the west looking at Egypt

Re-thinking Egypt

September 13, 2013
When I first heard the title of the new Egyptology Department exhibit at the Peabody, I had a clear image of what I expected to see after I pulled myself away from the Museum’s amazing dinosaur room. The Peabody is known for its somewhat dusty replicas, and this exhibit is about Egypt and conjuring up a past world, so it must be like a model pyramid or something, I thought to myself in wannabe-valley girl fashion. I was wrong. As soon as you enter, you meet a model with surprisingly little to do with ancient Egypt.