A new class will pursue questions about why the young people go clubbing, as they are doing in the above image.

Too good to be blackout

February 3, 2012
I know that Freshman Me didn’t anticipate Senior Me — an old person who would rather put on a bulky sweater and have a calm, nice, Belgian beer in a well-circulated bar playing Feist than “go out.” But I also know that Freshman Me wanted to learn Latin, claimed her favorite drink was Black Velvet »

Just say yes (to yourself)

January 27, 2012
Last Friday, Maria Yagoda argued in these pages that there is a “scarcity of nice-looking, not-evil and socially adjusted straight single males (NLNESASSM)” at Yale. According to Yagoda, the overwhelming majority of these acronymic Romeos are really, really, really bad in bed. Yagoda claimed that she was speaking on behalf of legions of straight women, »

The TLC Tip: All your problems are stupid

January 20, 2012
The TLC Tip runs on alternate Fridays. Send manufactured life dramas and detailed descriptions of your rashes to lauren.rosenthal@yale.edu. Pictures are not needed, or wanted. Seriously. Q. My roommate’s clothes are everywhere. I can’t see my floor, and he refuses to clean. It makes me sad. What the heck should I do? A. First, learn »

The TLC Tip: Our bodies, ourselves

December 2, 2011
College is a time of self-discovery, heavy drinking, no sleeping and submarine sandwiches. It’s only natural that we put these big old brains to work to reflect on what we should do with our bodies, and what our bodies want. Also, wanking it. For next time, send your anonymous questions to lauren.rosenthal@yale.edu to be reviewed »

(Every)things fall apart

November 11, 2011
It’s November, which means one thing: Everyone’s life is in shambles! If you or someone you know needs help sorting through something, send your questions to lauren.rosenthal@yale.edu. Your shitshows will be considered on a confidential, case-by-case basis. The TLC Tip appears on alternate Fridays. Q. What do you do when you spill hot tea all »

Let’s get compassionate

October 28, 2011
To start, I’d like to thank the confused masses for sending in great questions over the past two weeks. So many people are wondering about so many things! The TLC Tip runs on alternate Fridays. Direct your anonymous queries to lauren.rosenthal@yale.edu and they’ll be answered in confidence. If you have a question not for print, »

The TLC Tip: The post-Saturday, post-Yale, post-hipster edition

October 14, 2011
For the past year, I was a University News editor for this newspaper. There were a lot of tears, and I grew too fond of Yale College Dean Mary Miller during that time. Now that a new crop of editors has rendered me obsolete, I find myself with a lot of time on my hands »
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Eat eat pray pray love love

August 27, 2010
This month, I paid $8 to watch a dyed-blonde Julia Roberts prance across the globe, draped in what can only be described as prototypes from J. Crew’s “Ashrams and Anchors” line. And then, a week later, I did it again. I freely admit that the five hours I spent watching “Eat Pray Love” were not »

Sparkling fling potties

April 29, 2010
Spring Fling, 3 p.m. The sun was attempting to shine, the rain was attempting to ruin everything, and the Sandy Gill Affair was awfully close to picking up where the clouds left off. I was attempting to get shitwrecked despite having only thimble-sized portions of Honest Tea and some hand sanitizer at my disposal, when »

Notable quotable: 12.11.09

December 11, 2009
As Reading Week wears on, scenesters submit their favorite quotes from their current reading. “My life is not a moment’s bright spark like that on the surface of a diamond. I go beneath ground torturously, as if a warder carried a lamp from cell to cell. My destiny has been that I remember and must »