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MAHBOD MOGHADAM: Yale’s Rap Genius

February 7, 2014 • 0
Whether he is claiming to invent “the Guttenberg 2.0” or telling Mark Zuckerberg to “suck his dick,” Rap Genius co-founder and Yale grad Mahbod Moghadam ’04 has a personality that is hard to miss. Rap Genius started as a hip-hop music site to explain rap lyrics, but after receiving 15 millions dollars in venture capital, it has grown to be much more. Moghadam, along with Tom Lehman ‘06, and Ilan Zechory ‘06 came up with the website thinking it would not amount to much more than a coffee-table book, but now, have set their sights on becoming “the fabric of the internet.” This December, Rap Genius catapulted into mainstream limelight after a very public falling out with Google, which led to Google deliberately burying Rap Genius search results. WEEKEND sat down with Moghadam to speak to him about the burgeoning Genius “empire,” his experience hotboxing in the Vanderbilt attic and his thoughts on aliens using apps.