Temple St. cafe stages coup d’etat of New Haven Asian fusion

April 21, 2006
Kudeta is nothing if not ambitious. Its epic-length menu, its army of waiters and its over-the-top decor scream, “Look at me! I’m a trendy restaurant!” And trendy it is, but I hope for its sake it’s a trend that New Havenites can latch on to. Kudeta’s fusion dishes, influenced by the cuisines of countries from »

Sahara: so hot right now

April 7, 2006
Before this week, I had visited Sahara – wedged between Chapel and Crown on Temple – only once. I was tragically hung over and foolishly ordered chicken fingers, a mistake akin to ordering a cheeseburger at Pepe’s. I had come within a hair’s breadth of some truly fantastic food and in my condition, passed it »

Melange trumps Ivy

March 24, 2006
I have had good food ruined by incompetent service, and vice versa. Some meals are spoiled by their hefty price tag. Some restaurants fail by trying to do too much, when they should just let the food stand on its own. I’ve had dining experience marred by loud music, filthy dining rooms and — I »

S’Wings aren’t s’ingularly s’pecial, s’picy

February 24, 2006
New Haven may be king when it comes to burgers and pizza, but we’re sadly lacking in another great American staple: the buffalo chicken wing. Yorkside offers a decent rendition, but their tenders are better. The wings at TK’s are cheap and available in dozens of flavors, but they’re also small and stringy. I have »

Bentara buys you Malay-tio

February 10, 2006
As Valentine’s Day approaches, Cupid lurks around every corner, bow drawn, waiting to pierce your heart and your wallet. Societal pressure demands monetary output, and, in many cases, if you’re not willing to put out, neither is your date. But fear not, reader, there are restaurants in New Haven where you can enjoy a top-notch »

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January 27, 2006
The diner is a national icon. Home to nighthawks, Seinfeldian banter, and orgasmic screaming, the interiors and exteriors of diners are a staple of Americana. Diners evoke memories of time spent with friends, usually as the coda of an evening on the town. Recollections of diners are less about the eggs, soup, and sandwiches eaten »

Only dine at superlative eats

January 13, 2006
Everyone loves to argue about where to get the best burger or snag the best slice in New Haven, so I’m not going to waste your time. Here are 5 “Best of” selections that you might not have thought of but are well worth your attention and attendance. Best Restaurant (When Rick Levin’s Paying): Ibiza »

Secluded Sitar deserves arduous trek

November 11, 2005
For a group willing to go to extraordinary lengths to avoid doing schoolwork, Yalies can be surprisingly lazy. Many are staunchly unwilling to get up off the futon and walk somewhere unless the futon in question is on fire. If you suggest to a Central Campus resident that he go to TD for one reason »

Noodle house awash in sauce and lethargy

October 28, 2005
The Asian cuisine scene in New Haven is — in a word — weird. Japanese is scattered about the town, ranging in price from expensive to sell-a-kidney, while Malaysian squats on State Street like an estranged uncle. Thai has such a stranglehold on Chapel Street (we should call the blocks between York and Howe Little »

Istanbul’s pricey kebabs slightly askew

October 14, 2005
If you are looking for Middle Eastern dining that’s tastier, closer to campus, and better lit than Mamoun’s, then Istanbul Café is the place for you. Unfortunately, if you are not willing to pay thrice the price, it’s not. Located on Crown Street near the corner of College, Istanbul Cafe offers a top-notch Turkish meal »

Get a Pot-au-Pho, asap

September 30, 2005
As flourishing as the New Haven restaurant scene is, there is a startling dichotomy between cheap eats and the upscale places you go to with rich Uncle Teddy. Admittedly there are exceptions, but think about that conversation you have when your friend from Brown comes in for the weekend: “We could walk down to Pepe’s »

Chow down at Chow for fusion

September 9, 2005
In restaurants, my fork often sidles over to the plates of my dinner companions, sneaking away with a bite of what they ordered. This is not an act of greed or gluttony but professional curiosity. What if his lamb shank is better than my veal? What if I should have ordered the chicken-fried steak? What »