In case you were wondering, Phoenix is ‘Still Here’

September 24, 2010
The formula is tragedy; for an hour and forty minutes, Casey Affleck’s documentary shows his brother-in-law, Oscar-nominee Joaquin Phoenix, in the grips of an existential crisis. His highly successful acting career, he declares, is completely unfulfilling. All in all, “I’m Still Here” demonstrates a tragic fall, a leap into uncertainty’s abyss. In the first scene, »

The Ides of April

April 16, 2010
One soft afternoon of the April persuasion, the sun in all its flower reigning over the horizon, the asphalt palpitating sweetly with tender tar scent, a white and blue livery bus emblazoned with an enigmatic Y, halting by footwear for the most part toe-less, collects, from the curving curb, voyagers confined to light moisture and, »

MIdterm Noir

February 26, 2010
Eight in the morning. Streak of sunlight hits my bed. I feel the warmth. Yesterday’s duds still on. I almost don’t stir awake. There are weapons hidden in every room, ready to be used, but I can’t get to them. History got to me first. The boys behind him flip open switchblades at seeing me »

Stamps: an American journey

February 12, 2010
When in May of 1951 my grandfather was assassinated by the Tumb-Tumb brothers, card-carrying members of the Fascist Party of the United States of America, Joseph McCarthy urged the president to pass the legislation that my grandfather had been pushing forward all his life: the Stamp Act of 1953. To this day, thanks to the »

On WYBC X’s recent initiative

January 29, 2010
If silence can be sound, then certainly radio can be language, and anyone temporarily donning an imaginative linguist’s clothes could term radio “endangered.” I wouldn’t blame you if the word were to stir in your mind the image of an anthropomorphized WYBC X DJ as a T-Rex with a microphone, headset and playlist — a »