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The Problem Child

April 25, 2014
For tomorrow’s Spring Fling, Isabel bought her LSD in Chinatown. “It’s not even tabs,” she explains. “They’re drops on Sour Patch Watermelon candies.”
Poetry is no longer bound to the magazines of lore!

Row, row, row your spoken-word

December 7, 2012
While it’s easy to get caught up in the wordsmiths’ soul-bearing, The Striver’s Row performance also begs a personal exploration of our less poetic, routinized selves.
Great Caesar: more childlike than they admit.

Great Caesar Moves to Brooklyn, Gets in Touch with Their Feelings

November 2, 2012
Q. What was it like going from the Yale music scene to Brooklyn? A. There are so many other bands, and you have a lot more competition. We came here with our own interesting sound, which is not necessarily tailored to or influenced by the type of music coming out of Brooklyn right now. [But »