A dynamic dramatic duo

March 31, 2006
In the dark days before “Project Greenlight,” “The Bourne Identity” and the ever-infamous Bennifer, there was only a pair of unemployed writer/actors, Matt and Ben. The two-man show that adopts the pair’s name affords a satirical look at the would-be Hollywood heartthrobs on their search for inspiration, or at least a really good script. The »

Elm Street enterprise: balancing coursework and capitalism

March 24, 2006
Talk of the Yale business scene might conjure images of Yalies putting on slick suits and corporate demeanors in an attempt to schmooze their way into the world of consulting or investment, but not all of Yale’s business hopefuls take this traditional path. Often, campus capitalists find success in synthesizing innovation with entrepreneurship, yielding decidedly »

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January 27, 2006
Love may be fickle, but the latest production of Noël Coward’s “Private Lives” at New Haven’s Long Wharf Theater remains true to the show’s themes of passion and fidelity in a portrayal that is sure to delight and amuse theatergoers. The initial action revolves around a most ironic and apparently unpleasant twist of fate: former »

‘Pride’ is far from plain

December 2, 2005
Fans of Jane Austen’s classic romance novel will relish its latest adaptation by director Joe Wright, who does an admirable job making his film accessible to a new generation of Mr. Darcy admirers. This timeless love story traces the budding relationship between the independent and outspoken Elizabeth Bennett (Keira Knightley) and the unbearably proud yet »

The making of the YSO Halloween picture show: Chronicling the creation of a Yale tradition

October 28, 2005
Every year on Halloween night, thousands of exuberant Yalies pack into Woolsey Hall to be entertained by nearly 100 classical musicians. But the Yale Symphony Orchestra’s annual Halloween show is much more than a concert. The YSO Halloween movie and its accompanying live soundtrack have developed during the past two decades into a firmly established »

Yale’s fashion typologies: carving a niche in campus couture

October 21, 2005
While the New England fall weather ushers in a homogeneity of Yale sweatshirts, beneath the bold text lies something altogether different. And while many may soon shed their high school wardrobe in pursuit of the unkempt collegiate look, a certain (and occasionally unfortunate) degree of individuality remains intact. Popped-Collar Preps The consensus among most students »

At Caberet, songs trump plot

September 30, 2005
If you’re looking for a well-performed musical diversion, albeit one that lacks a plot structure, Yale Cabaret’s “Putting It Together” offers this kind of distracting distraction. A collection of songs from various Stephen Sondheim productions, the show was compiled by Sondheim himself into a new work for cabaret-style theater. It includes no dialogue, relying instead »

Designer’s bags are arresting

September 16, 2005
Linz Shelton is one funky bag lady. The designer of the CUFFZ handbag line spoke to students about her experiences in the fashion and business world at a Davenport Master’s Tea Tuesday organized by Lucy Winn ’06. “I met Linz this summer in Los Angeles and was impressed by how charismatic and smart she was,” »