Altaf Saadi

January 19, 2007
Not many Yalies were laughing at the posters, but not many gave them a second look, either. Plastering the campus, the anonymously posted images depicted the Prophet Muhammad in caricature, sword in one hand and severed head in the other. For Altaf Saadi ’08, the posters she saw as she left Spanish class on Nov. »

Worth ‘Consideration’ but not awards

December 1, 2006
Christopher Guest has never been nominated for an Academy Award. This is not much of a shock — despite his central role in creating some of the funniest films of all time (he co-wrote “This is Spinal Tap” and co-wrote and directed “Best in Show” and “A Mighty Wind”), his movies have never radiated the »

And He said, ‘It was most awful’

November 10, 2006
Al Franken hates lies. He’s recently made a career out of debunking lies and defaming the liars who tell them, becoming, in the process, our resident purger of perjury. In “God Spoke,” a documentary by a pair of Yalies about two years of Franken’s existence, Franken discredits a lot of lies and, as a result, »

‘Catch a Fire’ glows first, but fizzles fast

November 3, 2006
“Catch a Fire” ignites a burning issue but never quells the flames. Though technically excellent, director Phillip Noyce (“Rabbit-Proof Fence,” “The Quiet American”) has crafted a film that fails to live up even to its own name. Patrick Chamusso, played by “Antwone Fisher” star Derek Luke, is a law-abiding family man who distances himself from »