‘Epic’ nothing to sail home or kill a cyclops over

February 2, 2007 • 1
It must have been Martin Luther King, Jr. who first dreamed of a world where hairy beavers, Willy Wonkas, albino monks, pussycat dolls, “Ms. New Booty” and Captain Jack Swallow could one day join hands and inhabit the same unfunny, unnecessary and unimaginably stupid movie — a world in which films are judged not by »

Back in Black: The Yalie show edition

February 2, 2007 • 0
<phone rings 5x> Lewis Black DRA ’77 answers. LB: Hello… hello…helloo… YDN: Mr. Black… Hello… Mr. Black… Lewis? LB: Yeah. YDN: It’s Justin from the Yale Daily News. LB: Call me back at another number. This phone is a piece of shit. <gives number> <phone rings 5x> LB answers. LB: Hello? YDN: Hi, I’m from »

‘Hitcher’ slays viewers

January 26, 2007 • 0
“You scream like a little bitch,” taunts a scruffy Sean Bean in “The Hitcher,” acting as if mindless slasher-flick remakes were intended to scare only patty-cake schoolgirls and the makers of “The Hills Have Eyes” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” were just trying to bore mature audiences with an already-told story, has-been (or never-again) actors and »

Rachel Khong

January 19, 2007 • 0
Early one Monday morning (read: about 12 p.m.) Rachel Khong ’07 enters the foyer of Commons. Coated, scarfed and smiling as if there’s already some joke between us, she says she finds the idea of being profiled a bit absurd. Then again, Khong is no stranger to absurdity. Through her recent focus on writing short »

Films of 2006: good, bad, ugly

January 19, 2007 • 0
When it comes to movies (and television, too, come to think of it), 2006 was a year of heroes — heroes of varying shapes, sizes and abilities. From the erect (“X-Men 3: The Last Stand”) to the flaccid (“Superman Returns”), from the towering (“United 93”) to the crumbling (“World Trade Center”), from the omnipotent (“The »

Incubus lobs a ‘Grenade’

December 8, 2006 • 0
Ever since their biggest hit song, “Drive,” alternative rock band Incubus has been attached — some say shackled — to a “haunting mass appeal.” Unfortunately, their music is only haunting because it darkly lingers longer than it should. It’s the “mass appeal” — that gushing spring of mediocrity — from which all problems flow, especially »

Bond sequel a deck of aces

December 1, 2006 • 1
Pierce Brosnan looks like a needlepoint ninny compared to Daniel Craig — his bulkier, blonder, bad-to-the-boner James Bond replacement. Gone are the days when a flashy smile and a shiny gadget were all it took to save the world from imminent danger. In a post-9/11 world, it takes someone who’ll drown a man in a »

‘Saw 3’ is set

November 10, 2006 • 0
Where would horror movies be without the good ol’ American concept of the “abandoned warehouse”? This fictional setting is crucial to the logos, albeit meager, of “Saw III,” which promises gross-out violence, filleted corpses and that horror of horrors, dim overhead lighting. Jigsaw, already unmasked as death-ridden cancer patient John Cramer (Tobin Bell), returns ready »

‘Children’ not family friendly

November 3, 2006 • 0
The scene in which a financial consultant (played by Greg Edelman) masturbates to Internet porn while masking his face with a pair of panties proves that “Little Children” is a satire willing to deliver hard blows. Todd Field, whose 2002 directorial debut with “In the Bedroom” was a big hit among Academy voters, aims his »

Yale on celluloid

October 27, 2006 • 0
Yale is itself a celebrity. Those who know it intimately — we students, alumni and faculty — love it for all its qualities, magnificent and otherwise. Most people — let’s just call them “everybody else” — only know Yale in passing, if at all. They’ve heard the name, maybe visited once or have some distant »

Capote 2: flashier, gayer, more fun?

October 20, 2006 • 0
When, in the middle of “Infamous,” Truman Capote is asked how he manages to satisfy the gossipy Park Avenue socialites that compete for his attention, he says confidently, “I figure out what they need … and I give it to them.” “Infamous” has apparently found a way to do just that. The second film in »

‘Departed’ a ’roid rage crime-fest

October 13, 2006 • 0
What’s not to like about “The Departed”? Matt Damon: good. Leonardo DiCaprio: good. Heart-pounding suspense, horrific violence and a slew of sadistic, foul-mouthed, chauvinist deviants: good, good and good. Following his most recent overlong, if merited, efforts — “Gangs of New York” (2002) and “The Aviator” (2004), both of which also starred Leonardo DiCaprio — »