Who wouldn't love the bacon-frosting combo? Vegetarians, step aside, or grab yourself some soy bacon lollipops instead.

Bacon, chili flakes and white chocolate caviar for all

March 3, 2012
When I picture a traditional family meal, I picture a standard salad course, followed by a meat entrée, a bread element, some form of vegetable and a dessert to finish. Each component of the meal is discrete; each item is contained in its separate box in the food pyramid. But step outside the dining room, »

“Connemara” surprises with grave humor

March 2, 2012
In “A Skull in Connemara,” main character Mick (Peter Kaufman ’12) instructs Mairtin (Charlie Kelly ’14) in his Irish brogue, “Don’t be cursin’ … not when you’re handling the departed now,” promptly before crushing a pile of bones with his shoe. Such is the dark, ironic humor this play shoulders from the beginning: a morbid »
The future is through the screen.

Google Glasses Give Us a Glimpse of the Future

February 25, 2012
For those of us who already consider our Smartphone an extension of our being, Google will by year’s end release a product that can only render us more in tune with today’s watershed of information. But rather than having us retrieve a small screen from our pockets to access all the data in the world, »
Modernist Cuisine — Maxime Bilet on Hyperdecantation.

Playing with our Food — Goggles and Gloves Required

February 17, 2012
Viewers tune in to entire TV networks dedicated to the consumption and creation of food. Cooks at carnivals are always finding new treats to deep-fry, and novelty themed restaurants are popping up in big cities weekly. All the evidence points to one fact: human beings are always seeking exciting new ways to stimulate our palates »

Evan Nesbit: A Trip and some “Gardening”

February 17, 2012
WEEKEND sits down with painter Evan Nesbit ART ’12 to talk about process, symbols and Northern California attitudes. Q. First of all, what exactly is the Painting and Printmaking program at Yale’s School of Art, and how did you end up there? A. The School [of Art] is kind of unique in that it differentiates »
A MuvBox in Montréal, Canada.

“Muv”ing into the future

February 10, 2012
The concept of a “pop-up” store no longer implies a flimsy cardboard booth selling T-shirts on the sidewalk. “Pop-up” designers today are getting serious. Nightclubs, bars and gadget stores are appearing all over the country — and then, true to their name, folding back up and moving on. The Aqua by Grandstand in Singapore is »

‘Hedwig’ balances sass and substance

February 10, 2012
“It is clear that I must find my other half. But is it a he or a she? … Can two people actually become one again?” Fifteen minutes into the titular character’s monologue in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” it becomes clear that this punk-rock musical is much more than just a bawdy, sensationalist show »
For the Spring/Summer 2012 couture Show, Lagerfeld commissioned the construction of the “Chanel plane,” a stage setting whose seats, aisles and walls rendered it a perfect imitation of your last Delta economy flight.

Economy class couture

February 4, 2012
Only Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel, knows how to turn boarding an airplane into a feat that is glamorous, innovative and chic. Normally, upon boarding a flight, you are barraged with gray sweats, flannel pajamas, ragged hoodies and unkempt hair. Passengers are annoyed, frazzled — wishing to be anywhere but squeezed between two strangers »

If I die before updating my status…

January 27, 2012
Facebook is like a parallel universe. Our 3-dimensional world is chronicled through tangible occurrences of people doing tangible things. But then there’s the online world that serves as a time-delayed Looking Glass to the real world — Facebook confirms the occurrences of our actual world. Did you go out on New Year’s? You basically didn’t, »

AeroShots: Perking Up with a Puff

January 24, 2012
David Edwards wants to change the way we eat, clean, and — recently — caff up. A Harvard professor and founder of the ArtScience labs, Edwards concocts devices that combine art and engineering to rethink some of America’s most mundane practices. AeroShot, his latest innovation, targets a species we are all quite familiar with: the »